Oct 242014
Scavenger Hunt Results & Winners

Last month we held a scavenger hunt to benefit charity and it was a big success! Thank you all for joining in on da funs! We raised money, collected food and needed items for the shelter, gathered fun stuff for Toys for Tots, received Box Tops for Education and just plain had fun. This was […reads more]

Mar 312014
I Found Momo! Can You Find Momo?

A booky review of sorts. Wowzerz dat doggy Momo iz a fun guy! He started out az an instagram star and has now got a published book (why dun’t I hab a book deal yet?) called [amazon_link id=”1594746788″ target=”_blank” ]Find Momo[/amazon_link]. It iz in da same vein az Where’s Waldo but only cooler and more […reads more]

Mar 032014
5th Annual SCIFIpawty iz Comin  (can u believe it haz been 5 years of #SCIFIpawty)

5th Annual ScifiPawty fun come in costume, we are raising moneys fur charity, pawsum pwizes, trivia & more. Once again this year’s event iz in honor of da foster monsters Tippy & Drizzle, who lost their battles with FIP. These precious kitties came to live wif us from One By One and brought so much joy […reads more]

Feb 262014
Mr. Peabody & Sherman Dog IQ Kit Giveaway

Da pawsum animated movie iz comin out on March 7th called Mr. Peabody & Sherman (it iz based on da old classic cartoons from [amazon_link id=”B00465I1BA” target=”_blank” ]Rocky & Bullwinkle[/amazon_link]). We are looking forward to da movie and hab dis great opportunity to halp promotes da film by habbin a pawsum giveaway fur all u […reads more]