Feb 142013
Valentine's Day Hearts

All day I been on Pinterest showing off kittehs wif heart patterns in der furs. It iz kinda cool and best part iz I finded a coupla pals like Romeo the Cat and Your Daily Cute’s Moo dat hab hearts on dem too. Well I had enuff of dis cuteness and I sez I hab a heart too! Do u seed it? Ok so ma heart iz a lil lopsided and u haz to squint […read more]

Nov 262011
I Needs a New Bed

Dear Santa Paws, I needs a bigger bed please. Ma hhuman2 sez dis iz a medium dog bed but no way no how. Herz also sed it iz a new bed (and wuz sposed to be fur da foster monsters…oops). Any who iffen u haz one in ur sleigh could u mehbe drop it off at ma house? Fanks u and *HUGS* Boris

Apr 232011
Hoppy Easter

I just wanted to sez Hoppy Easter to all ma pals out der on da interwebs. Human2 and I did dig out last years LEGO easter bunny and den made an Easter basker wif eggs fur he.  And den today I did gets a beary nice Easter bunny card frum ma pal Spencer all da way frum Hungary. So I tooked a break frum hissin and growlin at da foster sisfurs to pose wif me […read more]

Apr 212011
Ma BlogPaws Peeps Did Wins

Wahoo ma BlogPaws Peeps diorama dat I did makes fur Fido Friendly Magazines Peeps contesty did place 4th! Da dogs wot winned ovah me were mighty cute in der Peeps scenes so I dunt hold it agin dem. Sides I did it fur da funs.  (Although I would hab liked a new fountain from Drinkwell.) I will be donating ma pwize to da doggies at da Animal Rescue League of Berks County. Dem sweet doggies […read more]

Apr 162011
International Record Store Day

Today wuz international record store day. I suppose ur to get off ur duff and go to your local record store and seed wot iz der. (U knows insted of downloadin all ur musics). We did not goes out cause we had bad weathers but we thought we should go thru our old Edison records. It wuz beary interesting hearin all dem old timey songs. And it wuz a good fing we haz dat old […read more]

Apr 132011
Five Poisonous Easter Plants

Do not nom dem flowers! Easter iz comin and I wants all ma kitteh (and doggy furrends to be safe). I have made a list of the top 5 easter plants that are poisonous to cats (and dogs too). Please do not keep dem in your house dis Easter or any time) Easter Lily (ALL Lilies) Lilies are highly toxic to cats and can cause immediate kidney failure with only one leaf eaten. (Cats are […read more]

Mar 082011
Happy Pancake Day

Wow dis day sure haz a lot to be nommy about Fasnacht Day, Shroves Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Pancake Day — no matter wot you calls it der be food involved. We not really likes Fasnachts (dey iz purrty tasteless really) so we acided to celebrates Pancake Day likes Prince William and Kate (cept we not flipped r pancakes we eated dem). Nom nom nom pancakes r nommy. You haz to hab milk wif […read more]