May 152015
OMC Emergency Vet Run at da Shelter Today

Human2 gotted to meet da new guy, Rascal, at da shelter today and fell in love and dat wuz even afore herz had to run him into da vet’s for emergency wif his footy paw! Wot iz wrong wif hiz footy paw u askin? He dun hurted himself somehow and we dun’t knows how! Some how dat sweet purr box gotted all da skin sliced off his left paw pad! He left a bloody trail […read more]

Oct 242014
Scavenger Hunt Results & Winners

Last month we held a scavenger hunt to benefit charity and it was a big success! Thank you all for joining in on da funs! We raised money, collected food and needed items for the shelter, gathered fun stuff for Toys for Tots, received Box Tops for Education and just plain had fun. This was only the first year of doin this and I hope once the participants let everybuddy knows how much fun it […read more]

May 282014
Da Captain iz back git outta his chair!

Remember a whiles back when I gotted a way cool Star Trek Captain’s Chair bed? I lubbed it right away and knew it wuz mine and dat I would never hab to share it wif dem sisfur monsters! Well guess wot? Since I wuz away in da vet jail, or az I purrfer to call it sickybay, dem monsters stold ma captain’s chair right out from under me! First it wuz Phoebe… Den it wuz […read more]

May 262014
Pawsum Get Well Cards

I gotted some pawsum get well cards a lil while back from a couple of ma younger furrends. I did tweet dem but dey so pawsum u all just gotta see da insides of dem to seed fur urself just how pawsum dey iz.  Utters hab asked for address to send a card so iffen u would likes to send me a card u can send it to Human2’s werk address: BORIS KITTY, c/o, […read more]

May 252014
A Good Case Fur Pet Insurance

I did not hab insurance and now we wishing we did. Started out az mild constipation dat turned out to be megacolon dat turned into so many utter issues. da bills r really racking up (and rackin up fast) and ma humanz really did not wanna askin fur halp, but fankfully ma pals did not gib up and we did succumb to da pressures of da bills n now reach out to da anipal community […read more]

May 252014
Da Scoop to da Poop

Sorry I hab not updated ma webby page in awhiles now. I been a lil distracted. Az many of ma furrend already knows I hab been dealin wif chronic constipation fur many years now. It has been manageable by addin pumpkin to ma foods and then addin Vetasyl to ma foods too (dat iz a fiber supplement). Den ma doctor added Lactulose (a kitty stool softener dat pulls water back into da poop to halp […read more]

Mar 062014
Booky Review: My Dog, My Cat by Ashlee Fletcher

[amazon_link id=”1933718226″ target=”_blank” ]My Dog, My Cat by Ashlee Fletcher[/amazon_link] Published by Tanglewood This is a pawsum little board book for the furless kittens in ur life, ages 2-4. The book points out all da differences between cats and dogs, like dogs bark and cats meow. But all the differences in the world don’t mean a thing when your similarities top them all! Loving ur human! Board books r pawsum for little paws….er….hands but we […read more]

Dec 052013
Silly Human2 Hads a Dream

Early dis mornin I wuz sound a sleep on Human2’s chest when all of da sudden herz rolls on herz side makin me get up n re-situate maself on herz yet again. But dis time herz wuz layin der MOLin. So I reached up n sniffed herz ear n sed “wot up”. H2 told me herz wuz just dreamin dat ma n herz were walkin thru a small town n when we came to a […read more]

Sep 042013
Kitteh Rescued Rite B4 Ma Beary Eyes!

Okai so it wuz really Human2 dat got to witness da kitteh bein saved, but I got all excited when herz comed home and told me about it. Da utter week H2 stopped by da Humane Society of Berks County like she do to drop off donations (dis time goodies for der raffle durin the Walk for the Animals next week). Affer visitin sum kittehs inside herz happened upon des two guys n one of […read more]