Mar 062014
Booky Review: My Dog, My Cat by Ashlee Fletcher

Published by Tanglewood This is a pawsum little board book for the furless kittens in ur life, ages 2-4. The book points out all da differences between cats and dogs, like dogs bark and cats meow. But all the differences in the world don’t mean a thing when your similarities top them all! Loving ur human! Board books r pawsum for little paws….er….hands but we only gots to see da ebook, which still had all [ more]

Dec 052013
Silly Human2 Hads a Dream

Early dis mornin I wuz sound a sleep on Human2′s chest when all of da sudden herz rolls on herz side makin me get up n re-situate maself on herz yet again. But dis time herz wuz layin der MOLin. So I reached up n sniffed herz ear n sed “wot up”. H2 told me herz wuz just dreamin dat ma n herz were walkin thru a small town n when we came to a [ more]

Sep 042013
Kitteh Rescued Rite B4 Ma Beary Eyes!

Okai so it wuz really Human2 dat got to witness da kitteh bein saved, but I got all excited when herz comed home and told me about it. Da utter week H2 stopped by da Humane Society of Berks County like she do to drop off donations (dis time goodies for der raffle durin the Walk for the Animals next week). Affer visitin sum kittehs inside herz happened upon des two guys n one of [ more]

Aug 262013
Scratcher Tunnel Update: I DO FITS!

OMC unbeknownst to me n human2 I do indeed fits in dat pawsum scratcher tunnel! Havin a big old moose of a cat inside dis tunnel sure did gib it a werk out. We herd it creakin n crackin and I did knock da side blue fings off (but dey were comin off on der own any who…check out original review for more on dat). As u can see by second to last two pikshurs [ more]

Aug 262013
One By One Cats [video]

Here is a better look at da video human2 made fur da One By One Cat Rescue’s annual BINGO event da utter week. We are kinda proud of it az human2 wented to all da adoption centers n took photos of da kittehs der. While we werre making it many of da kittehs gotted adopted (u can see dat by big red adopted in da video). We left dem in da video so people could [ more]

Aug 252013
Review of da Scratcher Tunnel from Petstages

I lubs bein a toy tester and fanks to Human2 werkin for we gets to do it quite often. Never a dull moment round here. MOL Dis week we gotted some of the brand new Scratcher toys from Petstages to try out. First up is da SCRATCHER TUNNEL. By now u shuld knows I LUB TUNNELS! So I really, really wanted to lub dis one. Sadly it wuz not meant to be (fur me [ more]

Aug 182013
One By One Cat Rescue Annual Bingo

Dis year we did not sponsor a basket (but watch out next year we gonna askin u to halp us halp dem just like we did last year), but we still went and played BINGO. Even tho da humanz nor Edgar gotted to yell BINGO dis year dey still had a pawsum time. Dey were told dat da BINGO wuz a big success and dat all good cause it all goes to halping out da [ more]

Aug 142013
The Kong Kitty Tunnel iz a Hit

We gotted a KONG cat tunnel to try out to see iffen wanted to carry dem. Well first of all we LUB tunnels (check out ma time tunnel post to see dat we tellin da truth), so it wuz almost a given right off da bat wif dis one! Our old tunnel iz really long which can be fun but iffen u dunt hab a big long room or lots of floor space dat [ more]

Aug 122013
Speaking of Catwoman Being A Crazy Cat Lady

I stumbled on dis pikshur da utter day and since it kinda werks wif ma Free Kittens post a few weeks back I thought I would share it wif u all here. U all knows I am a Catwoman fan by now, right? Unlike da anime kittehs dis should be easier. Can you name all da cartoon kitties in dis pikshur (wif out cheating dat iz). Az wif da anime kittehs I will post da [ more]