Mar 242017
Win a Boris Kitty Book at #SCIFIpawty from @KittehBoi & Others

Our pals on Twitter gotted together and made a beary special book about yours truly and I iz so flattered. They even raised moneys wot have been donated to this year’s SCIFIpawty as well! (Wuz da first $50 donated. Fanks you guys!) Now you can win a copy of your very own during #SCIFIpawty. (@sisfurcats […reads more]

Sep 172015
38th Annual Walk for Da Animals Coming Up

Caturday da 19th iz da 38th Annual Walky for da Animals and Im sending Human2 out once again to halp raising moneys for anipals. Dis iz a huge event raising money for a huge non-profit in our area, but dis year we are going to asking you not to donates to HSBC but rather to […reads more]

Oct 242014
Scavenger Hunt Results & Winners

Last month we held a scavenger hunt to benefit charity and it was a big success! Thank you all for joining in on da funs! We raised money, collected food and needed items for the shelter, gathered fun stuff for Toys for Tots, received Box Tops for Education and just plain had fun. This was […reads more]

May 252014
Da Scoop to da Poop

Sorry I hab not updated ma webby page in awhiles now. I been a lil distracted. Az many of ma furrend already knows I hab been dealin wif chronic constipation fur many years now. It has been manageable by addin pumpkin to ma foods and then addin Vetasyl to ma foods too (dat iz a […reads more]