Jul 282009
Humanz Brought Home Germs from Doctors!

After spending all weekend halping takes care of Human2 herz comed home today from da doctors office wif germs! Herz brought both e.coli and MRSA home wif her. How dare herz do dat?! I guesses it not too bad since dem germs weren’t da real fings, fank gudness! Da germies were giant microbes dat are […reads more]

Jul 182009
I Gots a New Friend Meet Piggy Wiggy

I gotted a new friend da utter day in da mails. I did not know I was getting he. Human2 surpriseded me wif him. Herz said there wuz utter friends in da box too, but we only gets to play wif one at a time (she no wants me ta have furend overloads). Herz choose […reads more]