Aug 022009
Da Humans Finded Ma Milk Ring Stash

Today wuz a fun day halping Human2 buildy some LEGO sets. Herz luvs LEGO from way back when herz wuz but a kitten. But den every fing went wrong… Herz iz still nursing herz leg from da surgery n tooked a nap. I on da utter hand did not nappy. I sneaked up on da table n knocked all da little guys down on da floor! No problem herz says n picked dem up when […read more]

Jul 312009
Dis a Good Nappy Spot

Some how Human2’s coat got throwed to da floor. I not know how it get der, but it sure iz a gud spot for a quick nappy! I swear it just felled off da close tree. I not do it honest. I iz looking forward to da cooler weather so da coat iz seen more often it really iz a fun sleepy spot — MOL!

Jul 282009
I Wuz on Agin!

I wuz da Tuesday’s Funny Video on Boris Wants His Treats — Now! Dis iz wot dey said about me… Remember Boris, the the kitty who shared his birthday party with us? Now, he’s not being as good of a sport: He’ll do whatever it takes to get some treats. Not since the Dramatic Chipmunk has five seconds said so much.

Jul 282009
Humanz Brought Home Germs from Doctors!

After spending all weekend halping takes care of Human2 herz comed home today from da doctors office wif germs! Herz brought both e.coli and MRSA home wif her. How dare herz do dat?! I guesses it not too bad since dem germs weren’t da real fings, fank gudness! Da germies were giant microbes dat are 1,000,000 x+ actual size! (you can gets youz own giant microbes at Dis iz MRSA (multiple-resistant staphylococcus Aureus…it finks […read more]

Jul 282009
Taking Care of Human2 After Surgery

Human2 hads ta have surgery on herz left leggy cause of da accident da humanz had in 2007. Herz knees wented into da dash and hurted da veins in both of herz leggies. Herz hurted very much. So I taked very gud cares of her and watched over herz very carefully. da leggy I iz leanin on iz da one wot had da surgery. I makin sure it okai now. I very careful nots to […read more]

Jul 272009

Okai all you kittehs out der, I know you wanna win some of dem cool prizes in ma Da Birthday Bash Contesty so what are you waiting for!?!?! Since ma Human2 who iz halping run dis fing iz laid up cause of surgeries on herz leg we has decided to extend da deadline to send in pictures for Da Birthday Bash Contesty til dis Friday July 31, 2009! So even if you no have a […read more]

Jul 202009
Fishy Flavored Drinks

Dis wuz me watching ma fishies before they were intruded on by da sea monster. I usually just sit an watch da fishies goin back and forths, to and fro. But today I had been out in the hot sun in the garden a little longer den usual and I wuz thirsty. So I inched in real close to see what da fishies were up to and see wot they were swimming in. It wuz […read more]

Jul 202009
I Finded a Sea Monsters!

I went outside this morning to play in the sun-puddles, check on ma garden and see how ma fishies were doing. I had human2 feeded da fishies and when I looked in ta see how dey were doing. I spied a scary monster in ma pond! Swimming around wif ma fishies wuz a sea serpent acting like ma pond wuz hiz pond! I could no believe it! So I had to get a betterer look […read more]

Jul 192009
What Happened to da Catnip Plant?!

Look at our nummy catnip plant. Human1 takes good care of it and brings it in da house for us to nom on. Here we are having a catnip party. We all love dried catnips but there is something about having a nice fresh leaf or two. And it is very nice of human1 to take such good cares of the plant for us. But the other day when herz went out to get our […read more]

Jul 182009
I Gots a New Friend Meet Piggy Wiggy

I gotted a new friend da utter day in da mails. I did not know I was getting he. Human2 surpriseded me wif him. Herz said there wuz utter friends in da box too, but we only gets to play wif one at a time (she no wants me ta have furend overloads). Herz choose ta gib me dis very fine piggy first ’cause I haz so many nice piggy furends on da intertubes, like […read more]