Oct 242014
Scavenger Hunt Results & Winners

Last month we held a scavenger hunt to benefit charity and it was a big success! Thank you all for joining in on da funs! We raised money, collected food and needed items for the shelter, gathered fun stuff for Toys for Tots, received Box Tops for Education and just plain had fun. This was only the first year of doin this and I hope once the participants let everybuddy knows how much fun it […read more]

Oct 172013
Sweet Lil Kitteh Needs a Furever Home

This cute guy (originally called Boo by da lil girls what halped save him from da streets, but now named Maxwell) needs a furever and ever home! Human2’s bestest pal saved dis lil guy from bein runned ovah on da mean city streets. He was darting cars and wuz nearly hit when she pulled up outside her home in downtown Reading, PA. She scooped him up and wanted desperately to keep him. But her allergies […read more]

Aug 262013
One By One Cats [video]

Here is a better look at da video human2 made fur da One By One Cat Rescue’s annual BINGO event da utter week. We are kinda proud of it az human2 wented to all da adoption centers n took photos of da kittehs der. While we werre making it many of da kittehs gotted adopted (u can see dat by big red adopted in da video). We left dem in da video so people could […read more]

Aug 182013
One By One Cat Rescue Annual Bingo

Dis year we did not sponsor a basket (but watch out next year we gonna askin u to halp us halp dem just like we did last year), but we still went and played BINGO. Even tho da humanz nor Edgar gotted to yell BINGO dis year dey still had a pawsum time. Dey were told dat da BINGO wuz a big success and dat all good cause it all goes to halping out da […read more]

Jun 082013
Free Kittens T-Shirt Halp Name Da Kittehs

Human2 seed dis pawsum shirt at Comic Con da utter week and did furgets to go back and buys it. Fur shame on herz! (Herz also saw a pawsum one wif Grumpy Cat pokin out of a TARDIS but since neither Grumpy Cat or the BBC were gettin anyfin herz passed on dat one). But da free kittens is just too cute to pass up. So when JB (@JBHippo) sent us a link to teefury.com […read more]

May 232013
Simon's Cat Screen Grab [video]

Who doz not lub Simon’s Cat? Dem videos are so cute n funny. So I thought I should end ma youtube comedy week wif he. H2 lubs dis one (it one of da newest cartoons from Simon’s Cat so u may hab alreddy seed it). H2 sez dis why we can no watch r birdy DVDs or da animal planet cause da monsters would do dis to r TV too! Monsters can’t be trusted just […read more]

Mar 272013
Attn Attn Plz! U Could Win Sum Smelly Good Litter From WBCL

Forest Scented Clumping Formula – Made with a blend of 100% natural wood fibers, this clumping formula is ideal for cat owners who prefer a fresh forest scent. We got some of dis to try and we all (humanz included fink it da best scent from WBCL yet!) You can enter below to wins sum to try for urselfs too! (just remember u wanna mix it into current litter slowly do no wanna shock ur […read more]

Jan 022013
Peanut Gotted Her Xmouse Wish A New Home!

Remember a few weeks before Catmouse I did tell you about sweet lil Peanut dat ma furrend did rescue out of da alley behind her house? Herz wuz abused & thrown away likes trash, but ma furrend saved herz & took good cares of her until herz wuz old enuff dat we could askin ma pals at One By One Cat rescue to halp her. Dey agreed to take her in to a foster fambly […read more]

Dec 212012
Der iz a Monster in Ma Bed

Herz might look cute but herz a monster I tells u! Dat iz ma bed and I hab not been allowed back in it since day one! Dat iz not fair. Pfffft….dem monsters really ruffle ma tail fetters sumtimes. If you recall ma original post, Ders a Monkey In Ma Bed you can clearly see dat it iz ma bed and da humanz brought it fur me. Fine den I did no wants it anywho.