Aug 222013
Making Mona Lisa

Human1 collects Mona Lisa stuff so human2 and I set out to make her a cool Mona Lisa Mosaic out of the way cool nano blocks dat ma pal Zack Rabbit sent me fur ma birfaday prezzie. We made a cool lil Jack Skellington out of dem den started to werk on da Mona Lisa. […reads more]

Aug 062012
Build Ur Own Batman & Robin Out of LEGO Bricks n Halp Kittehs at Same Time

LEGO DC Comics Superheroes Exclusive Batman n Robin Dis iz one pawsum model. It wuz only ever available from LEGO stores (not der website). U can build ur own Batman & Robin blocky figures. Comes wif all da bricks n instrushuns to makes dis kit SUPAH! Selling this to help the Blind Cat Rescue & […reads more]