Mar 242014
PAWSUM #SCIFIpawty Prize Giveaway: LEGO Space Book

If you are a regular follower of my webby page, facebook page or twitter account u already knows me and ma humanz r LEGO maniacs (remember when dat used to be a thing). Any who I gots a copy of the LEGO Space book from No Starch Press to gib to one of u lucky bums for SCIFIpawty. But instead of just gibbin it away as a door prize howz about we runs a lil […read more]

Jan 242014

Okai, iffen u follow my bloggy or me on Twitter, facebook or Pinterest u knows ma human lubs LEGO stuffs n dat I lub to halp build da sets n thwok da bricks n minifigures to da floor. So when we first heard about da LEGO MOVIE (like 2 years ago) we jumped fur joy n now dat movie gonna be in theaters soon (Feb 7th). To celebrate da LEGO MOVIE and da pawsum sets […read more]

Aug 252013
Pawfleet Start Ur Warp Core Engines Dat Is

Human2 and I did build our beary own PAWFLEET last week end.   I halped build dis cute lil Enterprise and den we kept on buildin!     Romulans entered da neutral zone!     Inspectin da fleet….How did dat TARDIS get in here?     Minimate Kirk u can no hides from me in dat bridge. I knows u in der. I saw H2 put u der.     Dat pawfleet ships look good. […read more]

Aug 222013
Making Mona Lisa

Human1 collects Mona Lisa stuff so human2 and I set out to make her a cool Mona Lisa Mosaic out of the way cool nano blocks dat ma pal Zack Rabbit sent me fur ma birfaday prezzie. We made a cool lil Jack Skellington out of dem den started to werk on da Mona Lisa. Human1 iz gonna be seeing Mona Lisa fur reals next month herz beary excited but we all gonna miss her […read more]

Feb 272013
Human2 Saw a Really Cool Lego Train Setup

Human2 got up early last Caturday and wented out wif out me. Herz wented to a train & toy show ovah at da expo center (dats where dey will be havin da Pet Expo, which is unfortunately da same weekend az SCIFIpawty). Well, herz hoped to seed pawsum train setups but wuz a little disappointed by most. However, der wuz one train setup dat made her wanna come home and set up my trains. It […read more]

Aug 272012
Buildin a LEGO Haunted Castle iz Hard Werk

Playin wif LEGO toys might looks like fun. But believe u me it iz hard werks. All da thwokkin and nommin of lil plastic bits can wear a kitteh out.  Seems like Edgar iz da only one dat keeps on smilin even affer hours of playin. But dat understandable cause it iz monsters affer all and who doz no like monsters? We can’t wait until next week when we go and get da big Haunted […read more]

Aug 062012
LEGO Star Wars TC-14 Protocol Droid iz Halpin da Kittehs at Blind Cat Rescue

LEGO Star Wars TC-14 Protocol Droid Exclusive Chrome Minifigure Dis super cool and beary limited lil Lego dude iz out to halp dem kittehs and so can u. He sez dis iz da droid u r lookin fur. He wuz only available thru Lego stores n on Star Wars Day. You know May the Fourth (az in May da Force Be Wif U). U had to buy a ton of LEGO stuffs to get […read more]

Aug 062012
Pawsum LEGO Chrome Star Wars Stormtrooper Mini Dude Wants to Halp Kittehs

LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Toys R Us Exclusive Chrome Minifigure Dis pawsum guy wants u to halp da kitties at Blind Cat Rescue. How can u do dat? Just buy him from dis auction n we will donates 10% off da sale to dem. U get sumfin cool and da kittehs get much needed funds! Win Win in ma book. Selling this to help the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary. Please bid. All eBay auctions […read more]

Aug 062012
Build Ur Own Batman & Robin Out of LEGO Bricks n Halp Kittehs at Same Time

LEGO DC Comics Superheroes Exclusive Batman n Robin Dis iz one pawsum model. It wuz only ever available from LEGO stores (not der website). U can build ur own Batman & Robin blocky figures. Comes wif all da bricks n instrushuns to makes dis kit SUPAH! Selling this to help the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary. Please bid. All eBay auctions from whataslacker (here da linky and lets halp sum anipals!

Aug 062012
LEGO Minifigure Ice Cube Tray Up for Sale to Raise Money for Kittehs

LEGO Minifigure Ice Cube Tray Dis Ice cube tray iz so cool! Ever want to nom on dem LEGO minifigs when ur humans r playing wif dem? Well now you can…well you can make sum in ur freeze n nom da ice ones dat iz. Dey r da same size az dem plastic ones we r no allowed to noms. Go now n askin ur humanz to bid on dis way cool item fur u. […read more]