Mar 192017
#SCIFIpawty In Real Life

Last year (and again this year — hopefully), Human2, Edgar and his clones along with H2’s LEGO user group (club) PennLUG went to The Great Philadelphia Comic Con to promote #SCIFIpawty and raise some moneys for the kittehs. Here are some of H2’s photos of the event. You can see all the fun Edgar was […reads more]

Aug 222013
Making Mona Lisa

Human1 collects Mona Lisa stuff so human2 and I set out to make her a cool Mona Lisa Mosaic out of the way cool nano blocks dat ma pal Zack Rabbit sent me fur ma birfaday prezzie. We made a cool lil Jack Skellington out of dem den started to werk on da Mona Lisa. […reads more]