Jul 252013
Enter to Win a Bag of the New Advanced Natural Cat Litter from WBCL

CONTEST TIME! You could win a bag of the new litter from World’s Best Cat Litter. Enter below in the widety-fing. Ends 8/3/13 so get to enterin for ur chance to win dis fabulous pwize. Only available to US residents (sawry werld). Be sure to share wif ur fb & twitter pals fur more entries! Related: World’s Best Cat Litter Just Got Bestier a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jul 112013
World's Best Cat Litter Just Got Bestier

The folks at World’s Best Cat Litter have comed up with a new all natural, high performance clumping litter dat makes cleanin up da cat box dat much more betterer. Adding even more litters to der family of cat litters makes dem even better in ma book so now dey r known to me az The World’s Bestier Cat Litter. Here is der official announcements about dis new New Cat Litter… World’s Best Cat Litter™ […read more]

Feb 182013
Take a Whiff. What Do You Smell?

Halloooo everybuddy. So did you take a whiff? What did you smell? Well der iz a new scent in da wind from our pals ovah at World’s Best Cat Litter. I can’t tell you what dat scent is just yet. Fur now it will haz to stay a mystery. Be on da look out for more informashuns on dis pawsum new litter from dis Catvocate for WBCL! Dats right I am a Catvocate (did u […read more]

Nov 042010
World's Best Cat Litter Now at Target

Now this iz good news! We just found out dat the World’s Best Cat Litter iz now available at Target (akshully we finded out afore we gotted an email telling us….ma human2 did see it on da shelves when herz went to buy my noms). Dis makes gettin litter & noms so much easier. You wanna knows wot else iz good news? All dem 8 lb bags haz $3 off coupons on dem! But it […read more]

Sep 182010
Give Litter to Shelter Kitties

I am sure you are familiar with Free Kibble where u answer da trivia queshuns and by doing dat you are donating kibbles to needy animals. But did you know dat World’s Best Cat Litter haz started da same fing but wif gibbin shelters litter fur kitties? It iz just as easy and only takes a few clicks to Give Litter to needy kittehs. Can you please take a minute out of your busy day […read more]

Nov 072009
End of Shelter Appreciation Week Deliveries

Today iz da day dat i sended ma humanz and edgar over to da Animal Rescue League of Berks County to delivers all dem fine toys, treats, foods and bowls to da kitties in dat shelter. We thoughted dat Caturday being da last day for the National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week would be a great day ta doz it. Edgar loaded all da goodies into da car…der wuz so much stuffs dat it did fills […read more]

Nov 042009
OMC OurPets Did Sends Donations For Kitties in da Shelter

Wowzers da wunnerful peeple over at Ourpets (U know da folks wot makes dem PAWSUM play-n-Squeaky Mice) did answer ma plea fur sum halp wif donations fur da kitties at da Animal Rescue League of Berks County. N boy did dey answer ma call. Dey sended me all dis wunnerful stuffs ta take to da shelter on Caturday when we goes fur our visit. (I will be sending Edgar in ma place in case der […read more]

Aug 312009
One of Ma Favorite Places da Bathroom Window

One of ma favoritest places ta be iz da bafroom winder. I luvs hanging out and watching birdies, squirrels and even peeples as dey go by under me. If da humanz iz using da litterbox I pounce on dem to gets up der. Dey no minds (much) and sumtimes I hangs out on da huamnz afore getting in da winder! Dey call dat bafroom luvins (dat cause I not get up on der laps any […read more]

Apr 072009
Donating to Needy Kitties

Saturday I sent my human off to Petco during the kitty adoption days to drop off a nice litterbox, two scoops (insert cereal joke here), and a cool CD to calm the kitties who have to travel to and from the adoption days until they get their forever homes. The kitties are helped by the fine folks over at The CatWorks. (These peoples LOVES kittehs and it shows.) My human said they really appreciated the […read more]