May 282014
Da Captain iz back git outta his chair!

Remember a whiles back when I gotted a way cool Star Trek Captain’s Chair bed? I lubbed it right away and knew it wuz mine and dat I would never hab to share it wif dem sisfur monsters! Well guess wot? Since I wuz away in da vet jail, or az I purrfer to call it sickybay, dem monsters stold ma captain’s chair right out from under me! First it wuz Phoebe… Den it wuz […read more]

Aug 252013
Review of da Scratcher Tunnel from Petstages

I lubs bein a toy tester and fanks to Human2 werkin for we gets to do it quite often. Never a dull moment round here. MOL Dis week we gotted some of the brand new Scratcher toys from Petstages to try out. First up is da SCRATCHER TUNNEL. By now u shuld knows I LUB TUNNELS! So I really, really wanted to lub dis one. Sadly it wuz not meant to be (fur me […read more]

May 152013
Wot iz in da bag?

Every wonder wot iz in da bag someone iz carryin? Well H2 often carries Edgar in her backpack when herz goes out and about. Dis past weekend when herz comed home Phoebe wuz lookin at her like I wanna seed dat bag so H2 putted it on da ground. Guess wot? Dat Phoebe crawled right inside and got comfy. No fair dat ma job! So I had to go right over and seed wot indeed […read more]

Apr 172013
Playin on Da Cat Tree wif da Monsters

Da utter da Human1 putted me up on day cat tree wif da monsters (I don’t usually get up on it az I am a bit big fur it). Once I wuz on der I got to playin and thwokked sum monster butt! I actually had sum fun.       Az u can seed da monsters hab scratched da sisal rope off da tree. Doz anybuddy any tips on where to buys sum sisal […read more]

Feb 042013
Monster Thwokkin

I tell you, while I do lub ma new sisfurs, sumtimes a cat just gotta gib dem a good thwokkin. Phoebe would be up in ma face 24/7 if I di dnot put her in herz place every once in awhile. Do u get along wif your fursibs all da time or do u throw lil hissy fits sumtimes too?    

Dec 212012
Der iz a Monster in Ma Bed

Herz might look cute but herz a monster I tells u! Dat iz ma bed and I hab not been allowed back in it since day one! Dat iz not fair. Pfffft….dem monsters really ruffle ma tail fetters sumtimes. If you recall ma original post, Ders a Monkey In Ma Bed you can clearly see dat it iz ma bed and da humanz brought it fur me. Fine den I did no wants it anywho.

Oct 272012
Halloween Pumpkin Time Again O How I do Lub It!

YAY! It iz time to carvin pumpkins agin. U knows how much I likes to shows off ma Boris-o-Lanterns every year. So H2 wented out and gotted us a ton of pumpkins to carve. It took forever to carve da Boris-o-Lanterns. Might be because Piper had to stick her nose into ma business n we wound up carving herz punkies first. No fair!   Finally it wuz ma turn to carving ma pumpkins! I told […read more]