Feb 032013
Walkin in a Winter Wunderland Iz Not Az Much Fun Az U Would Fink

By now you should all know how much I likes goin outside and nommin on grass & just feelin to fresh airs on ma furs. Well I musta furgots how cold winter can get especially when it be snowin. Human2 wuz outside doing stuff. I knew it wuz sumfin fun and not da horrible hard work of snow shovelin dat herz sed it wuz. So I sneaked out when H1 opened da front door. Since […read more]

Nov 132012
Playing in a Leaf Pile

This past weekend I wented out to halp ma humanz rake up da leafs. We haz one tree n it doz cover our lil yard wif leafs all Autumn long. We gotta gets dem raked afore da big truck comes by to suck dem up. OMC da iz da skeeriest vacuum a kitteh haz ever seed. (iffen I ever sees it & dunt runs n hides I will take a pikshur to show u). I […read more]

May 312011
Checkin Out Da Garden from Ma Kondo

I spent da day yesterday in ma Kritter Kondo so I gots to gets a good look at how da garden is doin. But I sent Edgar out to gets a betterer look at some fings. He took time out to stop and smell da roses. Dis big rose bush needed to be tied up affer da big windy winds we had last week. Edgar gotted lost in da mint wot iz higher den him. […read more]

May 282011
Caturday Outside in Da Kritter Kondo

We all knows how much I lub ma Kritter Kondo right? (in case you furgots just do a search fur “kritter kondo” here on ma bloggy) I lub going outside and the only way I can safely go outside iz wif ma humanz and when dey put me in ma kondo. Dats cause I go to close to da road or out in our alley where cars could sqwish me dead iffen I wuz loose. […read more]

Mar 192011
Longest Kritter Kondo in All da World

Today it wuz finally warm enuff fur human2 to set up my Kritter Kondo, but wot herz did not tells me wuz we gotted a whole new section of kondo to add to it. It iz called a Kritter Konnector. It iz a 9 foots addition to ma Deluxe Kritter Kondo so I now haz a 15 foots run. Let me gib u a tour. Dis be da one end… I did walk from one […read more]

Nov 172010
I Wuz a Very Bad Boy

Remember last week when I skeered ma humanz silly by slipping out da front door & disappearing for about an hour? I wuz told I will neber eber see da outsides agin. Well I haz since been in ma Kritter Kondo a couple of times and last night I went out wif Human1 to move da trash cans ovah for da garbage guys to take da stinky trash. When herz turned around I wuz gone! […read more]

Sep 052010
Crazy Squirrel Weekend

Yesterday I wuz hanging out in ma Kritter Kondo wif Human1 when all of da sudden da squirrel wot usually teases da neighbor kitty, Tater, decided to sneak over and  bother me. Der he iz over at Tater’s house mindin he own business when… …he gets it in he little squirrel head to sneak over da fence and… …head over to ma house. Where…. …he climbed ma tree and sat der lookin at me. But […read more]

Aug 292010
Visitin Kittehs in der Kritter Kondos

Yesterday ma humanz wented to da BIG city to see arts in a museum (Barnes Museum) & while dey were out dey stopped in to visit wif dem Kritter Kondo kittehs. See how happy dey r in der Kondos. Abi luvs herz Kondo. Madi iz a big boy wif a Deluxe Kritter Kondo! Well I gotted jello-us hearin how cute dey r & how much dey lub der Kondos dat I pested to go outside […read more]

Aug 232010
BarkWorld Day 3

I finks dis why no fishes comed to BarkWorld. Bella meet human2 & tried to eated herz water bottle, MOL! Manny finded dat LEGO guy just fur me! Cosmo sitting pretty. Getting Treats from Edna at Nutro! Good dog. Getting treats of da table! Not so good dog. Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen dey doz good stuff. GMC Terrain Temps outside 95 inside 165. Neber eber leave ur pets or your kids inside a car! Da […read more]