Apr 072014
Check Out All Da Autographs Up For #SCIFIpawty Charity Auctions

Last year at SCIFIpawty we started our first every virtual autograph room for our virtual science fiction convention, aka SCIFIpawty. Da auctions brought in quite a bit of extra moneys above and beyond da regular donations for our charity, One by One Cat Rescue. And dis year is gearing up to be even betterer den […reads more]

Mar 032014
5th Annual SCIFIpawty iz Comin  (can u believe it haz been 5 years of #SCIFIpawty)

5th Annual ScifiPawty fun come in costume, we are raising moneys fur charity, pawsum pwizes, trivia & more. Once again this year’s event iz in honor of da foster monsters Tippy & Drizzle, who lost their battles with FIP. These precious kitties came to live wif us from One By One and brought so much joy […reads more]

Nov 022013
Enter Contest for #JacksPawty Here Plus List of Pawty Pwizes

We wanna fanks Da Buddy Rescue fur halping us halp Jack get a new fambly wot would take good care of he even iffen hims wuz special needs, To fanks dem we r tryin to halp dem raise funds to continue to halp wif Jack’s expenses fur da fambly wot adopted he. DONATE MONEYS HERE: http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/jack-needs-treatment-of-sensitive-skin-issues-/96524  […reads more]

Oct 292013
Jack Gots Adopted So We Gonna Pawty (To Halp Raise Funds)

Jack the Cocker Spaniel dat we posted about awhile ago got his furever home all wif da halp of the Buddy Rescue Foundation. Buddy Rescue put a lots of time in halpin H2 find an adopter and halpin to cover da vet expenses of habbin Jacks skin problems / allergies tookened care of. Here is […reads more]

Feb 192012
Gearin Up Fur Da 3rd Annual SCIFIpawty

WOW it iz gettin to be SCIFIpawty agin. I can no believes dat it haz been a year alreddy. Where did da time go? But it ok cause wot we are gearin up to do iz loads of fun (and hard werk, but it all worth it fur sure)! March 24th 2012 will mark da […reads more]

Mar 252011
SCIFIpawty Contest: Win a Bissell SpotBot Pet

Win a SpotBot Pet from Bissell & SCIFIpawty Handsfree spot & stain cleaner Preset cleaning cycles remove both surface & tough set in stains Deep Reach™ Technology releases solution & water deep into the carpet to clean from the bottom up Removes up to 99% of odor causing bacteria when used with Pet Stain & Odor […reads more]

Jan 212011
Gearing Up For SCIFIpawty 2011

The big announcement today is that the date for SCIFIpawty has been set. It will be March 26, 2011. Mark your calendars now. The invitation is online at: http://twtvite.com/scifipawty2011 Updates and info about SCIFIpawty: http://www.boriskitty.com/scifipawty/ The costume contest is on again this year (you can use last year’s costumes but the winners from 2010 will […reads more]