Jul 072014
More on My Condition [Chylothorax in Cats]

Chylothorax is fluid in the chest cavity of kitties. Dis is wot I hab happenin to me. Gettin pleural effusions can be very dangerous and dis condition iz life threatenin, but ma humanz keep a VERY close eye on me. Fings dey need to watch out for are: Rapid breathing / at rest breath rate ovah 40 (mines been 33 average since it wuz drained) Bluish gums Pale gums and mucous membranes (ma pink nose gets […read more]

Jun 052014
Casper the Lost Dog Has Been Found!

Casper the little doggy that was missing for nearly three days has been returned and is back in the safety of his pet sitter’s house. (He will never be allowed outside again, MOL!) Looks like he had quite the adventure! Casper’s starting point Last seen just a few blocks from me on Union & Olive Spotted up by the old Expo center Rescued from the highway by an angel who was going to take him […read more]

Jun 042014
Lost Maltese Dog Named Casper in Reading, PA

Update 6/5/2014 Casper Has Been FOUND! Casper was last seen last night (6/3/2014) around 6pm at Union and Oliver Streets in Northeast Reading. He is a sweet little guy but may not come when called. Stranger shy. He slipped out of the fenced in yard at his pet sitter’s house and is not wearing tags. Please keep your eyes out for him. Please share with everyone. We have to get the word out and halp […read more]

May 252014
Da Scoop to da Poop

Sorry I hab not updated ma webby page in awhiles now. I been a lil distracted. Az many of ma furrend already knows I hab been dealin wif chronic constipation fur many years now. It has been manageable by addin pumpkin to ma foods and then addin Vetasyl to ma foods too (dat iz a fiber supplement). Den ma doctor added Lactulose (a kitty stool softener dat pulls water back into da poop to halp […read more]

Jun 142013
Animal History Museum Photo Essay Contest

The folks ovah at da Animal History Museum be habbin a contest and you can be apart of it. Dey are lookin for stories about senior animal adoptions and celebratin that special bond older anipals hab wif der humanz. Wot will u wins? Winners and their rescue/shelter will be featured on their FB page and included in their planned human-animal bond exhibit. AND they are also plannin to use as many entries as possible in […read more]

May 022013
Increasin ma Smarts at petMD University (fur real dis time)

Dats right dis kitteh be goin to college! MOL. I might not be able to run my own blog (in case u seed a blank version of dis post being tweeted dis week, sawry my bad) but I hab been getting smarter ovah at petMD University. Dey hab some very interesting classes you can take to increase ur knowledge of ur pet. I might even take classes on doggies since I hab some in ma […read more]

Apr 172013
Playin on Da Cat Tree wif da Monsters

Da utter da Human1 putted me up on day cat tree wif da monsters (I don’t usually get up on it az I am a bit big fur it). Once I wuz on der I got to playin and thwokked sum monster butt! I actually had sum fun.       Az u can seed da monsters hab scratched da sisal rope off da tree. Doz anybuddy any tips on where to buys sum sisal […read more]

Apr 152013
Lil Bub Ma New Lub

I hab fallen in lub wif Lil BUB. Dis sweet lil girl is so cute and haz faced much hardships (no teef, short-stubby legs, extra toes). Herz iz just a tiny lil cute fing dat wuz lucky enuff to hab a good human finds her, adopts her & lubs her. (and I finks u will fall in lub wif herz too) She haz a website and facebook page (not sure iffen herz iz on Twitter). […read more]

Mar 182013
OMC I Just Had a Pawsum Idear fur a Yearbook

Remember awhile back I did a post about da Shutterfly Yearbooks? I wuz tryin to come up wif a good way to incorporate ma anipals into a yearbook. I fink I mighta just comed up wif a purrfect idear. U knows I just graduated from Pawfleet Academy, right? Wouldn’t it be pawsum to hab a PAWFLEET YEARBOOK! Me n ma fellow cadets & graduation pikshures all in a pawsum book to hab & keeps furever. […read more]

Jan 022013
Peanut Gotted Her Xmouse Wish A New Home!

Remember a few weeks before Catmouse I did tell you about sweet lil Peanut dat ma furrend did rescue out of da alley behind her house? Herz wuz abused & thrown away likes trash, but ma furrend saved herz & took good cares of her until herz wuz old enuff dat we could askin ma pals at One By One Cat rescue to halp her. Dey agreed to take her in to a foster fambly […read more]