Apr 072014
Check Out All Da Autographs Up For #SCIFIpawty Charity Auctions

Last year at SCIFIpawty we started our first every virtual autograph room for our virtual science fiction convention, aka SCIFIpawty. Da auctions brought in quite a bit of extra moneys above and beyond da regular donations for our charity, One by One Cat Rescue. And dis year is gearing up to be even betterer den […reads more]

Nov 272012
I Am ART! Check Me Out & Win an 8x10 Canvas Print from Printcopia

WOW! I wuz contacted by da fine folks at Printcopia about tellin ma anipal friends about der canvas prints. I gotted an 8×10 canvas print of one of human2’s favorite photos of me. Check it out! LOOKIT I am ART! Der site wuz super easy to use and we could crop da photo right in […reads more]

Oct 052012
Meow-o-ween, er, Halloween Costume Contest

All this talk of Frankenweenie gots me in da Halloween mood! So I decided I wanna haz sum funs. I wanna see ur bestest Halloween pikshurs, costumes and skeery stuffs. Simpy upload ur pikshur to ur favorite photo sharin service (twitpic, flikr, photobucket, etc etc etc) den come back here and post da linky in […reads more]