Mar 102015
Get Russell Madness Just In Time For #SCIFIpawty

Okie dokie. We here to kickin off #SCIFIpawty by halpin to kick off a DVD release of a super cute movie called Russell Madness. So we gibbin all our #SCIFIpawty pals a chance to winning a copy of the DVD and a plush Jack Russell toy. Der be two winners (and sorry but USA only cause of da DVD region fingy and all dat). Enter now and of course share da news about da DVD, […read more]

Jul 282014
Scavenger Hunt to Benefit Charity

I wanted to do sumfin fun dat will halp da kitties and kiddies in my area so I decided to do a scavenger hunt and many of the items will be donated to ma local charitable organizations. Many years ago ma humanz participated in a scavenger hunt for a magazine and dey had so much funs doin it dat even tho dey did not win da pwize it still one of da funnest fings dey […read more]

Mar 242014
PAWSUM #SCIFIpawty Prize Giveaway: LEGO Space Book

If you are a regular follower of my webby page, facebook page or twitter account u already knows me and ma humanz r LEGO maniacs (remember when dat used to be a thing). Any who I gots a copy of the LEGO Space book from No Starch Press to gib to one of u lucky bums for SCIFIpawty. But instead of just gibbin it away as a door prize howz about we runs a lil […read more]

Jan 242014

Okai, iffen u follow my bloggy or me on Twitter, facebook or Pinterest u knows ma human lubs LEGO stuffs n dat I lub to halp build da sets n thwok da bricks n minifigures to da floor. So when we first heard about da LEGO MOVIE (like 2 years ago) we jumped fur joy n now dat movie gonna be in theaters soon (Feb 7th). To celebrate da LEGO MOVIE and da pawsum sets […read more]

Mar 272013
Attn Attn Plz! U Could Win Sum Smelly Good Litter From WBCL

Forest Scented Clumping Formula – Made with a blend of 100% natural wood fibers, this clumping formula is ideal for cat owners who prefer a fresh forest scent. We got some of dis to try and we all (humanz included fink it da best scent from WBCL yet!) You can enter below to wins sum to try for urselfs too! (just remember u wanna mix it into current litter slowly do no wanna shock ur […read more]

Mar 182013
OMC I Just Had a Pawsum Idear fur a Yearbook

Remember awhile back I did a post about da Shutterfly Yearbooks? I wuz tryin to come up wif a good way to incorporate ma anipals into a yearbook. I fink I mighta just comed up wif a purrfect idear. U knows I just graduated from Pawfleet Academy, right? Wouldn’t it be pawsum to hab a PAWFLEET YEARBOOK! Me n ma fellow cadets & graduation pikshures all in a pawsum book to hab & keeps furever. […read more]

Feb 132013
Hurry Kittehs & Enter to Win a Pawsum Iams Gift Basket

Da pawsum folks at IAMS wot hold da Home for the Holidays program each year want to fanks to all you pawsum folks dat halped dem reach more than 5.5 million meal donations and 1.3 million animals adopted to forever homes! HOW COOL IZ DAT?!? Dey finded homes for: – Dogs: 684,896 – Cats: 553,550 – Other: 26,663 (includes rabbits, horses, birds and more) So I am habbin a beary qwik contesty to get u a gift […read more]

Oct 152012
Meow-o-ween Contest Winners Announced

It da day we all been waitin fur! I hab announced da winners of ma Halloween contest.. All da entries were pawsum and deserved to wins but I only haz so many pwizes I can gib out. Since all entries were so great I let rafflecopter randomly pick da winners for each category, we did not hab a human so I pick an extra winner and dey will gets either da doggy or kitteh pwize […read more]

Oct 052012
Meow-o-ween, er, Halloween Costume Contest

All this talk of Frankenweenie gots me in da Halloween mood! So I decided I wanna haz sum funs. I wanna see ur bestest Halloween pikshurs, costumes and skeery stuffs. Simpy upload ur pikshur to ur favorite photo sharin service (twitpic, flikr, photobucket, etc etc etc) den come back here and post da linky in da comments. Ok I did sez dis wuz a contesty so what will u wins? O ders TONS to win! […read more]