May 282014
Da Captain iz back git outta his chair!

Remember a whiles back when I gotted a way cool Star Trek Captain’s Chair bed? I lubbed it right away and knew it wuz mine and dat I would never hab to share it wif dem sisfur monsters! Well guess wot? Since I wuz away in da vet jail, or az I purrfer to call it sickybay, dem monsters stold ma captain’s chair right out from under me! First it wuz Phoebe… Den it wuz […read more]

Apr 072014
Check Out All Da Autographs Up For #SCIFIpawty Charity Auctions

Last year at SCIFIpawty we started our first every virtual autograph room for our virtual science fiction convention, aka SCIFIpawty. Da auctions brought in quite a bit of extra moneys above and beyond da regular donations for our charity, One by One Cat Rescue. And dis year is gearing up to be even betterer den last year. (Last year we had signed Go-go’s cds, autographed photos from Adrienne Barbeau and Hobbit posters signed at the […read more]

Mar 242014
PAWSUM #SCIFIpawty Prize Giveaway: LEGO Space Book

If you are a regular follower of my webby page, facebook page or twitter account u already knows me and ma humanz r LEGO maniacs (remember when dat used to be a thing). Any who I gots a copy of the LEGO Space book from No Starch Press to gib to one of u lucky bums for SCIFIpawty. But instead of just gibbin it away as a door prize howz about we runs a lil […read more]

Mar 032014
5th Annual SCIFIpawty iz Comin  (can u believe it haz been 5 years of #SCIFIpawty)

5th Annual ScifiPawty fun come in costume, we are raising moneys fur charity, pawsum pwizes, trivia & more. Once again this year’s event iz in honor of da foster monsters Tippy & Drizzle, who lost their battles with FIP. These precious kitties came to live wif us from One By One and brought so much joy into our lives for the short time they were with us. We miss you! All party donations will benefit One By One […read more]

Feb 252014
Iffen U Had a WABAC, When & Where Would U Go?

Da fun animated movie Mr. Peabody & Sherman comes out soon and Human2 LUBBED da classic cartoons. So we been halpin promotes da film sum. And in doin so we wundered When & Where would u goes iffen u could travel in time like Mr. Peabody & Sherman doz. Unlike da Doctor Who TARDIS da WABAC only travels on Earth, but since dey travel da world in diferent times it not like HG Wells Time […read more]

Aug 302013
Star Wars Pet Toys at Petco

In a galaxy far, far away u will seed Boris Kitty thwokkin the crap out of da darkside MOL. OMC I wuz so excited when I first learned dat des pawsum toys n utter pet goodies were coming from PETCO. Den I wuz heartbroken to lerned dey gonna showcase dem at Barkworld cause we could not afford to go (and dis lil kitteh bloggy dozn’t warrant a sponsor fur events like dis….dey all fink cause […read more]

Aug 252013
Pawfleet Start Ur Warp Core Engines Dat Is

Human2 and I did build our beary own PAWFLEET last week end.   I halped build dis cute lil Enterprise and den we kept on buildin!     Romulans entered da neutral zone!     Inspectin da fleet….How did dat TARDIS get in here?     Minimate Kirk u can no hides from me in dat bridge. I knows u in der. I saw H2 put u der.     Dat pawfleet ships look good. […read more]

Aug 122013
Speaking of Catwoman Being A Crazy Cat Lady

I stumbled on dis pikshur da utter day and since it kinda werks wif ma Free Kittens post a few weeks back I thought I would share it wif u all here. U all knows I am a Catwoman fan by now, right? Unlike da anime kittehs dis should be easier. Can you name all da cartoon kitties in dis pikshur (wif out cheating dat iz). Az wif da anime kittehs I will post da […read more]

Jun 082013
Free Kittens T-Shirt Halp Name Da Kittehs

Human2 seed dis pawsum shirt at Comic Con da utter week and did furgets to go back and buys it. Fur shame on herz! (Herz also saw a pawsum one wif Grumpy Cat pokin out of a TARDIS but since neither Grumpy Cat or the BBC were gettin anyfin herz passed on dat one). But da free kittens is just too cute to pass up. So when JB (@JBHippo) sent us a link to […read more]