Mar 272015
2015 #SCIFIpawty Sekurity Team

Dis years sekurity team is werking top sekret undercovers stuff like da X-Files cause we dun’t wants no nekkid aliens showin up at our pawty. Check out da pawsum team here and iffen u hab any pawty questions dey will be happy to halp u. Dey will also alert us to anybuddy wot mite need […reads more]

Mar 262015
2015 #SCIFIpawty Barktenders for Your Drinkin & Nommin Pleasures

We habbin pawsum service staff at our SCIFIpawty wif out of dis werld drinks & noms. Da menu is here: Tip jar here:  if u needs to pay wif paypal here is dat tip jar:   See schedule wif all timezones shown: USA EDT Eastern Daylight Time Barktender 11amSat @3phibotticelli Noon Sat  @sanjeethecat 1:00pmSat […reads more]

Mar 262015

Every year we have loads of wonderful pwizes to giveaway durin da pawty. And dis year iz no different (except our pal @Smokey8 gonna run a special game durin his hour so get ur paws on dem buzzers). Be sure you are following all da pwizemaster (and dat dey r followin u too) cause you […reads more]

Mar 252015

Since the beginning of SCIFIpawty has been der and we lub dem for it! Over the years they have given us so many PAWSUM items to use for our fund raising efforts and this year is no different. (except for the fact they we will be auctioning some items instead of using them as […reads more]

Mar 252015

We are beary pleased to announce dat our furrends over at THE COOP have once again sent us a big box of donations for dis years SCIFIpawty. Check out all the goodies you can get during da pawty via giveaways or thru one of our many charity auctions we habbing thru eBay. Please stop by […reads more]

Mar 252015

No Starch Press puts out some pawsum geeky books on things like computers and my fav LEGO! Last year and this year they stepped up to help the kittehs at One By One Cat Rescue by donating a bunch of pawsum books. We will be offering some of these as door prizes and some as […reads more]

Mar 252015

Quirk Books really doz publish sum of da quirkiest books out der and we hab read quite a few of dem (like da William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Trilogy). Many of der titles are geeky, scifi-y and kitteh-y so wot izn’t to lub about dem? O, and dey r local to me too (based in Philadelphia […reads more]

Mar 232015

Check out all the pawsum pwizes and donation items (many up fur auction to raise funds for ONE BY ONE CAT RESCUE) This years donors include: ThinkGeek,,, Quirk Books, No Starch Press,, The Coop, and all these great pals… @danapixie @tinypearlcat @seattlep @pasikas @NancyCakeFace @LadyGreyFox @Whskr @NutmegTorby @cattoyscom @dogtoyscom @orangecatblues @ThinkGeek @NoStarch […reads more]

Mar 092015
Do You Want To Help Out at #SCIFIpawty?

If you can DJ, Barktend, PwizeMaster or sekurity please let me know by simply filling out one of these easy peasy forms… 2015 #SCIFIpawty Barktender Sign UP See Schedule Here for open slots: 2015 #SCIFIpawty DJ Sign UP See Schedule Here for open slots: 2015 #SCIFIpawty PwizeMaster Sign UP See Schedule Here for […reads more]