Apr 072014
Check Out All Da Autographs Up For #SCIFIpawty Charity Auctions

Last year at SCIFIpawty we started our first every virtual autograph room for our virtual science fiction convention, aka SCIFIpawty. Da auctions brought in quite a bit of extra moneys above and beyond da regular donations for our charity, One by One Cat Rescue. And dis year is gearing up to be even betterer den last year. (Last year we had signed Go-go’s cds, autographed photos from Adrienne Barbeau and Hobbit posters signed at the […read more]

Mar 182013
SCIFIpawty iz dis Caturday & Autograph Room Be Open

Well some of u might of alreddy seed dis pikshur (sawry it so blurry but i wuz too excited & fightin wif Human2 about takin ma pikshur). Last Caturday ma mailman shoved a big envelope thru ma mail slot. I ran to the door qwik cause I wuz hopin it wuz des pikshurs & yet I wuz hopin it not da pikshurs cause da jerk shoved dem thru ma mail slot! Well we ripped da […read more]

Mar 142013
SCIFIpawty T-shirts Available Now

H2 and I just ordered up our SCIFIpawty shirts. I hopes it arrives before SCIFIpawty so herz can wears it. MOL Herz ordered a pawsum glow-in-da-dark one wif da new Rocket Zoomin’ Round da Paw Planet logo on it. Do u likes ma new logo? Let’s me know. Da new shop iz at Spreadshirt dey do sum pawsum printing (and sum of da shirts gots cool fuzzy printin so u can pet urself MOL). Here […read more]

Feb 272013
Get Ur Collectible SCIFIpawty Trading Cards Now!

OMC. Ma furrends ovah at TokiPoki.com did ovah do dem selfs once agin. We hab always lubbed der pawsum anipal trading cards (and have tried to collect all our pals) so when dey sed lets make special edishun for SCIFIpawty I wuz jumpin up and down all excited. Here iz wot ma card will look likes. You can seed I am flying in space wif da Millennium Falcon fightin da good fight. But dat Darth […read more]

Jun 302012
Boris & Edgar Featured in da One By One Newsletter

I iz beary honored to be featured in da One by One newsletter along wif Edgar. Dey talk about all da fings we do to halp wif da kittehs at da shelter like habbin our SCIFIpawty. Here u can seed just how much dem kittehs at One By One do lub Edgar when he comes to play and halp out. Iffen u wanna seed sum more of wot human2 and Edgar do fur One By […read more]

Mar 042012
Time to Start Promoting SCIFIpawty BIG TIME

I been finkin I can tweet, tweet, tweet til ma lil paw paws hurts or I can get ma pals to halp wif promotions. And wot betterer way to motivates den wif a giveaway. Well it not just any old giveaway no way. You can wins a way cool SCIFIpawty Mug wif ma cute snoot on it. By now you guys should be familiar wif Rafflecopter and how dey werks. All you hab to do […read more]

Oct 262011
Foster Monster Caught Killing Spock Teddy

Human2 comed home a lil while ago wif des three cool Star Trek teddy bears dat herz said were gonna be prizes for SCIFIpawty next year. So we weren’t tellin anyone about dem yet till we were reddy to starts talkin SCIFIpawty. But dat darn Piper started pullin da Spock teddy off da chair himz wuz sittin on. H2 would walk by and seed him on da floor and just put he back, finkin sumbuddy […read more]