Feb 032013
Walkin in a Winter Wunderland Iz Not Az Much Fun Az U Would Fink

By now you should all know how much I likes goin outside and nommin on grass & just feelin to fresh airs on ma furs. Well I musta furgots how cold winter can get especially when it be snowin. Human2 wuz outside doing stuff. I knew it wuz sumfin fun and not da horrible hard work of snow shovelin dat herz sed it wuz. So I sneaked out when H1 opened da front door. Since […read more]

Jan 012011
Snow Bunnies

We had snows so I went out to inspekt it before Boris  went outside. I found bunny tracks. I finks @ZackRabbit wuz here. So I builded a snow bunny. Den Boris comed out and inspekted ma werk. He sed it wuz AOK.

Feb 062010
It Did Snows BIG Here

We woked up dis mornin and everyfing wuz covered in a big thick blankie of white stuff. Hai where iz da Momma’s car? Iz it under der sum where? I not fink herz can finds it. Even ma birdie feeder iz covered in snows. (Note ta self: Hab human2 check ta makes sure da birds do hab enuff foods in da feeder.) Nao dat we did inspekts da snows fur purrty it iz time to […read more]

Dec 312009
Noo Snows Fur da Noo Yeers

Look wot we did wakes up to dis morning! Snows wuz coverin every fing. It all white az far az da eye could see. Human2 did looks up da streets n down da streets. It all da same fing. White. White. White. I could no believes dat Human2 woz on da outsides n I woz on da insides. So i did gib her ma bestest pesty look. And it werk…. ….but i would only go […read more]