Feb 272013
Get Ur Collectible SCIFIpawty Trading Cards Now!

OMC. Ma furrends ovah at TokiPoki.com did ovah do dem selfs once agin. We hab always lubbed der pawsum anipal trading cards (and have tried to collect all our pals) so when dey sed lets make special edishun for SCIFIpawty I wuz jumpin up and down all excited. Here iz wot ma card will look likes. You can seed I am flying in space wif da Millennium Falcon fightin da good fight. But dat Darth […read more]

Sep 172012
Do Da Toki Poki

Take a lil Toki wif u wherever u go. Check out da way cool new Pawparazzi set featurin ma pal Toki (of TokiPoki.com…dem cool folks dat make dem cool trading cards). Human2 gotted to meet da real Toki at BlogPaws but I did not gets to meets her in real lifes. I can no waits to gets ma paws on dis cute lil Toki! Herz comes wif all kinds of cool accessories too.  Here da […read more]

Aug 172011
Not So Wordless Wordless Wednesday

As many of you knows I send Edgar da Kitty to fings like BlogPaws. Well da last few weeks he been habbin a grand time wif r friend Toki from TokiPoki.com. Dis a pikshure of dem in da TokiPoki.com race car wot Edgar did gets to drive around in da race. He likes to go FAST! VROOOOOOOM. When u gets to BlogPaws be sure to stoppin by da TokiPoki booth and pick up an Edgar […read more]