Feb 102013
Who Let The Dogs Out? It Wuzn't Me Honest!

*pawses da DVR* OMC. My twitter pal, Tillman (@TillmanSkates) haz his beary own TV show wot iz in its second season and now on da Hallmark channel called Who Let The Dogs Out. It iz a pawsum show and u shuld all set ur DVRs (cause it is unfortunately in da middle of da day on Fridays….boo Hallmark). But Tillman and all da doggies on da showin doin pawsum tricks iz well worth the DVR time honest. […read more]

May 022012

I wuz recently contacted by da Casting Director at MTV Networks, dey r currently working on True Life – “the long-running, award-winning documentary series that allows young people to share their stories, in their own words.” Well just so happens dat 1 of da themes der currently lookin at is “young pet owners whose lives are in disarray and whose relationships are being affected negatively because they can’t control their pet(s).” So here iz more […read more]

Jun 222011
I Gotted a Nutter Catwoman

OMC doz u remember last year when ma humanz wented to Wizard World in Philly and brought back a pawtographed photo of Catwoman Ms Julie Newmar? Well dey wented again dis year and comed home wif anutter Catwoman pawtograph fur me. Dis time it iz of Ms Lee Merriweather as Catwoman and also haz Robin da Boy Wonder in da pikshure too. I do sez MEOWZA to Catwoman But da pawtographs dunt stop there. I […read more]

Sep 042010
Review of da Dog Sitter DVDs

A lil while back I did do a review of da Cat Sitter DVDs and even showed a video of how much fun dey are to watch. well dat review did spark a few questions frum ma doggy pals about dem Dog Sitter Videos wot I had never seed since I iz a kitteh. Well human2 & I did fink we needed to know wot we were taking about so herz did get me copies […read more]

Aug 152010
Cat Sitter DVD Reviews & Advice fur da Humanz

Da utter day I posted a video of me watch Cat TV. I wuz watchin ma very own DVDs made just fur kitties called Cat Sitter videos. Der are three different volumes of kitteh fun. My favorite iz Cat Sitter Volume 1 cause it haz all sorts of critters, buggies, and birds. Cat Sitter Volume 2 iz fur da birds….literally, it iz ALL birdies (see da bottom pikshure). Cat Sitter Volume 3 haz a lot […read more]

Aug 122010

One of ma favoritest fings to do iz watch ma videos. Dat’s right I hab ma own video collection! It iz filled wif da Cat Sitter videos and Video Catnip DVD. Dem videos are beary fun to watch cause dey are filled wif fun fings like birdies, fishies, buggies, squirrels and mousies. All dem fings I would lub to get ma paws on. Here’s a video of me watching ma videos. Check out me complete […read more]

Jun 122010
I Gotted Catwoman's Pawtograph!

OMC! OMC! I did gets da one and only Julie Newmar’s pawtography today when ma humanz did go to da Philadelphia Comic Con. Wow looks at all dem purrty kittehs in dat photo wif Ms Newmar. I finks dis iz gonna starts sumfin. Dis kitteh mite haz to gets pawtographs frum all dem purrty ladies wot ever played Catwoman. Did u sees wot it sez? “for Boris, You’re purr….fect, Julie Newmar” *SWOON* Fanks  u so […read more]

Apr 232010
Wanna Watch My DVDs

It iz ma turn ta picks wot moovies ta watch. (Altho dem humanz said no to ma Cat Sitter DVDs…..Pffffft to dem humanz.) Hai we acided to watch dis one rite up here, kai? U makin popcorns in dat kitchen? We need popcorns for moovie nite! Wot!?! Nao u sez we iz watchin Avatar on Blu-ray….so why u tells me to look at wot DVD to watch huh?

Feb 102010

I lubs to sneaks outside & watch ma birdies or nom sum grasses, but wif all dis horrible snows we been habbin outsides is no funs. Being stuck inside haz caused me to haz a touch of da crazies (I iz runnin round like crazy man & chasing ma old lady sisfur cats through the house). Here r ma top ten ways to halp stop da crazies when u iz cooped up inside too. 1. […read more]

Oct 182009

Human1’s Mom has finally joined da 21st century and gotted away from anttenna television. Hers never did want to wants to pay for TV, but reception on her television set with the new digital conversion box was just horribles! So hers finally said enuff is enuff and buyed her TV. Hers did go wif DirectTV instead of cable. But that okai cause hers will get better stations, better reception and better service with Direct TV […read more]