May 022012

I wuz recently contacted by da Casting Director at MTV Networks, dey r currently working on True Life – “the long-running, award-winning documentary series that allows young people to share their stories, in their own words.” Well just so happens dat 1 of da themes der currently lookin at is “young pet owners whose lives […reads more]

Aug 152010
Cat Sitter DVD Reviews & Advice fur da Humanz

Da utter day I posted a video of me watch Cat TV. I wuz watchin ma very own DVDs made just fur kitties called Cat Sitter videos. Der are three different volumes of kitteh fun. My favorite iz Cat Sitter Volume 1 cause it haz all sorts of critters, buggies, and birds. Cat Sitter Volume […reads more]

Feb 102010

I lubs to sneaks outside & watch ma birdies or nom sum grasses, but wif all dis horrible snows we been habbin outsides is no funs. Being stuck inside haz caused me to haz a touch of da crazies (I iz runnin round like crazy man & chasing ma old lady sisfur cats through the […reads more]