Mar 142010

Edgar and Human1 were da judges & did choose da bestest costumes fur scifipawty.

Prizes have been donated by our sponsors: and @frugaldougal.

And da winners are…..

First Place goes to BlindMaximus as Yoda!


First Place will receive a $25 gift certificate and their choice of Webkins Plushie Anipal from

Second Place goes to BusyButtons as Ewok

Ewok Buttons

Third Place goes to SisfurCats as Dalek


Second & Third Place will receive an anipal specific pwizes from @frugaldougal

Just cause he did go so above and beyond da call of #scifiPAWTY and cause he in a class all by heself BEST OF SHOW goes to @ZackRabbit!


Best of Show winner will get somefin but it a surprize even to us!

  3 Responses to “Costume Contest Winners”

  1. Quite spectacular costumes, kids…look like you belong in a movie set…hey, there’s an idea…how about an anipals video?…Hollywood, here you come!

  2. Congratulations to all the wonderful winners! It was a great pawty!

  3. is this where we post the pics for the 2011 sci fi party???

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