Mar 032014

One by One Cat Rescue is a small 100% volunteer group that helps cats not only in their own area but from different (high kill) states as well. Here is why One By One is near and dear to Boris Kitty and his family:  Why One by One Cat Rescue?

Here is a recent post from One By One Cat Rescue on their facebook page. They need our help and we hope the 2015 6th Annual SCIFIpawty can help them help more kitties!


Please RSVP at


  2 Responses to “Why We Help One By One Cat Rescue”

  1. Hi Boris! We’re going to have OurGirl tweet a link to this fundraiser. She is also donating to 1×1 because OurPeople love kitties everywhere. They manage two TNR colonies and adopt special needs kitties. Right now there are 11 of us. We’re all better now, fat (some of us too much) and happy. We send love & loud purring to you and your family! MEOW!!

  2. It sounds like a good place for a kitty to be if need be. We hope they are able to find a place of their own soon.

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