Mar 032014

Last year we were hit with some big loses and this year the anipal community continues to see great pals and their humans crossing the rainbow bridge. Please post your fond memories for your lost pals here for da SCIFIpawty community to light candles, say pwayers or simply honor dem in our thoughts.

Thor Rainbow Bridge

THOR Rainbow Bridge concept art by Vance Kovacs @VanceKovacs 

Past SCIFIpawty Memorial Walls:  2013 SCIFIpawty Memorial Wall


Mar 032014

One by One Cat Rescue is a small 100% volunteer group that helps cats not only in their own area but from different (high kill) states as well. Here is why One By One is near and dear to Boris Kitty and his family:  Why One by One Cat Rescue?

Here is a recent post from One By One Cat Rescue on their facebook page. They need our help and we hope the 2015 6th Annual SCIFIpawty can help them help more kitties!


Please RSVP at


Mar 232013



Micheles Wearable Art

Haz offered to donate 10% of sales on der webby site to One by One Cat Rescue now thru May 1st.

Dat gibs u time to save sum moneys affer havin donated to SCIFIpawty urself and still get sumfin nice.

When u placin an order please let dem know u herd about dem frum SCIFIpawty or via Boris so dey knows to gib us da donations!

Mother’s Day iz comin up and u will find quite a few nice fings ovah at Michele’s Wearable Art. (just make sure to mention SCIFIpawty to gib us a donation)

And az a little fank u fur offer us da donashuns I would like ma pals wot hab facebook to stop by der page & gib dem a LIKE.


Mar 232013

We always hab pawsum fun wif r barktenders, nommy foods & DJs wot make us dance like der iz no gravity. Not to mention all dem fabUloose doorprizes. But dis year we hab added a few extras to make dis a little more like a convention.

We hab da Autograph Room which will be open all thru da pawty. Wot iz a convention wif out gettin pawtographs rite?

Da now famouse costume contest is on as well. Get ur entry posted before end of Pawty cause da judges will be pickin da winner on Sunday (we will annouce winner next week sumtime).


2:00 PM EDT SCIFIpawty Edition of #CaykClub

Stop by fur sum out of dis universe cayks frum @OllyTed & #caykclub





Stop by and hear all about Pawfleet and meet sum of da crew of da USS Crusher!



4:00 PM EDT Special Edition of ZackRabbit’s #CookinWif Rabbits 

You will wanna stay tuned affer da Pawfleet panel to watch da special episode of da Star Trek Bunnyprise!





Da Lone Blogger Podcast iz doin an interview wif H2. (H2 a nervous nelly & dunt likes phones so dis shuld be fun. MOL)

Tune into:

And u can call in to comment or askin qweshuns here: 347-324-5059


Our pals held a pawsum tin foil hat contest (winner will get trading cards & utter great pwizes) Entries are all in and it is up to SCIFIpawty to pick da winners! Check em out on facebook.




Dats rite we brought back da old way of doin qwizzes fur #SCIFIpawty. Get ur fink caps on. Make sure ur followin @joeybeancat


Mar 232013

Frugal Dougal ma PalI knows we hab all losted someone close to us and I wanted to gib us a place to share da memories. Dis year haz been especially hard on anipals and we hab all felt da sorrow. Da king of all PawPawtys Frugal Dougal left us (he wuz ma inspurrashuns fur SCIFIpawty and I know he iz greatly missed. Anutter great pal of mine wot always danced fur me (at pawtys & in real life) wuz Cosmo.

Our sekurity force haz been hit purrty hard too dis past year. Da chief of sekurity BrutustheDane just recently crossed over da rainbow bridge. And our sweet lil hippo pal JBHippo recently lost her Dad Folk. So dis year r sekurity force be wearin black armbands to honor dem wot no longer wif us.

I know der are many many utters too and ma heart aches fur dem all.

Please takes a minute to post ur memories or share ur stories about someone u lubbed dat haz crossed over dat rainbow bridge.

Pepi haz a bootiful memorial page u should all check out. We lub u all. *waves to angels Petie, Sebastian, Dougal, Brutus* I sheds a tear fur u all but knows u in a better place runnin free and zoomin on rockets thru space! *Hugs* to ur humanz wot miss u.


Mar 202013

Just like last year’s contest we gonna start takin your entries for the costume contest starting now.

Just up load ur photo (real or virtual) into ur favorite photo sharing site (Twitpic, flickr, photobucket, twitter, ur own bloggy wotever). Den hop over here and post ur linky to dat pikshur in da comments of dis post. All entries must be received before end of SCIFIpawty (3.23.13) and judging will be done by Edgar daKitty, Human1 & special guest judge ALF who comed all da way from Melmac to judgin dis year’s contest!

Winners will be announced early next week after da pawty.

When tweetin ur entry be sure to using #SCIFIpawty in ur tweets. Judges can be bribed. Simply hab ur pals tweet dat dey finks ur costume iz da bestest of all #SCIFIpawty and it just mite sway dem judges. MOL

Der will be pwizes fur

  • Best Dog Costume
  • Best Cat Costume
  • Best Plushy or Other Anipal Costume

Prizes fur dis contesty are brought to u  by da letter W, da number 5, Fat Cat & Boris Kitty!  

Doggy prize is: Classic Terrible Nasty Scaries Dog Toy Set of 2 Toys

Kitteh prize is: (5 toys in all) Classic Cracklers Cat Toy Series Set of 3 ToysClassic EEEKs! Cat Toy Series Set of 2 Toys

Plushie pwize is: a plushie sized #SCIFIPAWTY Flask Necklace  or any scifipawty item of der choice (up $20 in value).


So post ur costuem pikshur linky below and be sure to include ur @twitter name so we can let everybuddy knows who da winners r next week!


Mar 202013

Dis year we are adding a special autograph room where u can get ur fings “signed” by da stars!

Okay so really it iz an auction held on ebay thru der ebay giving were a portion or all of da auctions sales will go directly to da shelter! We chose dis route cause one it ensures dat ur moneys r goin where we say dey r goin & two it opens up scifipawty to da rest of da universe just a little bit.

We hab some PAWSUM fings fur u to buys (remember it will halp da kittehs at One By One Cat Rescue — U get sumfin dey get sumfin). Da auctions are above and beyond our pawty goal of $2000 donashuns so share da auction linkies wif all ur pals!

Sum of da items we hab are signed Go-Go’s CD insert (ALL 5 Go-go’s signed dis, Jane Wiedlin donated dem & her comic books), Andrienne Barbeau sent us four pawsum signed photos just fur SCIFIpawty. H2 donated a BIG hunk of herz personal collection too (dey are marked az donated by

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Jan 202013

This year’s event is looking like it will be bigger and better than our past events. Keep and eye here fr a list of prizes, sponsors, and/or events as we update them right on up to the day of the party.

Now’s the time to get your costume ready for the contest.

Don’t forget to RSVP for the event (doing so will automatically enter you into a drawing for a great prize).


More SCIFIpawty info:


Jan 202013

scifipawty-square-2013-03-23WOW! Can you believe we have been having out of this world fun all in the name of charity for four years now? 2013 marks our 4th anniversary of SCIFIPAWTY! How Pawsum iz dat?

Just like last year I am extending a paw to ma foster monster sisfurs by dedicating dis years event to Tippy and Drizzle. Both of these precious kittehs lost their battle t FIP only a year ago and we miss them something awful. Dis past year we did adopt Phoebe & Piper, also from One By One Cat Rescue and boy are dey crazy.

What is SCIFIpawty? Quite simply, SCIFIpawty is the first and only virtual science fiction convention & party hosted by animals for animals on There are DJs spinning our favorite tunes, bartenders offering up out of this world food & drinks (virtually of course), security (red shirts) to keep the spammers and scammers away, a costume contest, and quizmasters tasking us with fast paced, fun trivia with a chance to win door prizes. All this is achieved through the help of many wonderful volunteers and sponsors.

This event is used to raise awareness of animals in shelters, the need for adoption/rescue as well as raising much needed funds. Last year our event was able to raise over $1515 for the One By One Cat Rescue (This year let’s shoot for $2000). In the past 3 years we have raised over $4300 for animal rescues. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

The 2013 4th Annual SCIFpawty proceeds will once again benefit One By One Cat Rescue in Kutztown, PA a no-kill, non-profit organization.

Past year’s prize sponsors included: Jane Wiedlin (the Go-Gos, Star Trek),, Perpetual Kid, Ourpets, Nylabone, Bissell,,,, and many other great companies, sites & individuals.  This years prizes are gearing up to be just as great!!!

We would love to have you join us for our event. The 2013 4rd Annual SCIFIpawty will take place on March 23rd from 11am EST to 11pm EST. Just sign into Twitter during the event, search for SCIFIpawty to see what is happening and join the fun. All we ask is that you keep it PG & use the hashtag #SCIFIpawty in your posts so you’ll show up in the pawty streams.

Once again we will hab a costume contest, trivia questions (with prizes) and door prizes. However, this year we will be adding a charity auction, pawtograph room (auctioned autographs) and celebrity panels (more info about each of these will be coming shortly).

If you can help in any capacity (prize sponsor, Q&A during event, anything) please contact our event host @BorisKitty on Twitter, facebook or directly via email.

This year’s event will also be happening on facebook (but in a much smaller capacity) — for the whole party experience please join us on Twitter.

Please RSVP at twtVite

Da firstgiving page fur da donations iz up at: