Apr 122014

Doctor-Who-4th-Scarf-Black-coat-right-side-up-225x300Dis iz a SCIFIpawty only contesty so iffen u pawtyin wif us from 4/12 to 4/13 you can enters dis contesty. Will ship to USA only please.

Dis wuz made by @LadyGreyFox and it wuz too pawsum to leave up to a doorprize. Eazy Peazy entry below wif rafflecopter fingy. if u can no get it to werk leave a comment below az ur entry either one will get u in da drawin fur dis pawsum prize. Wishin I could win it.

Somebuddy win dis fur me plz! :)

Check it out here: http://www.foxesperiodcostumes.com/blog/sci-fi-pawty-prize-donation-wecanhas-scarf-the-fourth/

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mar 242014

scifipawty prizes

scifipawty prizes

scifipawty prizes

It has been a busy week here at SCIFIpawty head quarters. We go t a BIG box of wonderful prizes from our best pals and prize sponsors from day one, THINKGEEK.com (sawry I wuz too grouchy to pose dis year wif many of da goodies like in past years).

Followed up by a surprise box of goodies from Running Press (fun lil scifi/fantasy mini books & gifts). And H2 gots #IAMCRAZYCATLADY kit from World’s Best Cat Litter (which it iz even if I won’t use it, but I am a weird kitty) dat we are gonna donate so sum lucky inner gonna gets a cool hat, tee and 4 (yup u heard me rite, FOUR) coupons for free bags of kitty litter. Dat should keeps u pooping and da humanz scooping!

This is just a taste of some of the goodies. Keep your eyes peeled to our pinterest page for the latest in 2014 SCIFIpawty prizes.

Apr 082013

Our furrends ovah a Petmate wot makes dem pawsum Fat Cat toys sent us sum loverly fings to donate az pwizes for SCIFIpawty.

Seems like everybuddy lubs Fat Cat toys and our pawty goers were no exception either.

Da winner of da kitteh costume pwizes donated da toys to da kittehs at One By One wot wuz so nice.

Human2 went and hand delivered da toys over the course of two weeks and tons of shelter kittehs gotted new toys fanks to @newtthecat


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Apr 082013

Perpetual Kid did offer up sum pawsum and silly pwizes yet agin dis year. Dey have sum great stuff on der website. U shuld check dem out!

Show ur lub and appreciation for dem by…

Liking dem on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Perpetual-Kid/426932584035954

and following dem on twitter: http://twitter.com/perpetual_kid


Apr 052013

BlogPaws haz been a BIG part of ma life since it started. And we were beary happy dat dey sponsored such a wunnerful prize dis year (a Bissell Spotbot).

Please take a few minutes and sign up for da BlogPaws community where u can meet new pals even if u can’t make it to one of der conferences (but we lubbed BlogPaws every time we were able to attend & highly recommend that you go if u get da chance).

Follow dem on twitter: http://twitter.com/BlogPaws

Like dem on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BlogPaws


Apr 042013

Sweet deal from RoomatesDecor.com: Get free shipping on all RoomMates wall decal orders $49 and up — no coupon code needed!

Please visit & share our lub of dis SCIFIpawty prize sponsor.

Like dem on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/roommatesdecor

Follow dem on Twitter: http://twitter.com/roommatesdecor

Would also be great iffen u could gib dem a big hai & fanks u via twitter too @roommatesdecor

Des folks make sum mighty good and fun decorations for any room or office. Dey hab donated prizes for the past two years and seems like everybuddy lubs da prize too!

Dis year dey gave us Star Wars and The Hobbit decal sets to give away. Hope they will be able to offer up these great prizes again fur the 5th Annual SCIFIpawty next year!


Apr 022013

ThinkGeek haz been a prize donor fur us since da beary first SCIFIpawty. Dey haz halped out so many kittehs wif der pawsum merchandise and 2013 wuz no exception.

Da pawty goers were all fightin fur a chance to win da pawsum pwizes dey gibbed us. If u did not win ur fav pwize hop on ovah to der website and pick up a few fings. Ur sure to find tons of goodies to gets fur da geeks in ur life.

Show dem lub by likin dem on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thinkgeek

and followin dem on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thinkgeek


Mar 192013

Below you will find da time (east coast USA time….see utter schedules fur a bigger break down of des events). For each hour you will see da person who is runnin da contest/giveaways for dat hour. Make sure u r followin dem and dey r followin u so dat u can DM ur entry to dem. (U may wish to get on dis ahed of schedule so u not miss out on da pawsum pwize u wants.)

I wanna fanks everyone wot donated and everyone wot wanted to donate. I could not usin every fing and fur dat I am sawry. If u sent me a pwize I will use it next year if u offered a pwize & I could not use it #Nipclub would be more den happy to accept it fur next month’s event. Thanks to everyone wot be halpin to make dis a PAWSUM event.


USA EDT Eastern Daylight Time Prize
@bilbo_the_bunny A SCIFIpawty magnet from @nocrybabydogs fur USA ONLY donated by @SeattleP
$10 donations to shelter in ur name from @smokey8
A pairs of paper laminated earrings made by @danapixie
Noon Sat
@MizzBassie World’s Best Cat Litter Litter, Scoop & Mat from @bestcatlitter
Out of dis world nip toys from @tinypearlcat 2 rocket ships, 3 asteroids and one alien wif Catnip inside
Crazy Cat Lady game, Kitty Wallet & Cat Tattoos (for humanz) donated by @Perpetual_Kid USA ONLY
Marvel Superhero Family Car Decals donated by @thinkgeek
@MizzBassie Astronaut & Rocket dog toy plus 15 buck Petco Gift Card donated to #SCIFIpawty by @petco
Furry Adventure Slippers aka Hobbit Feets donated by @thinkgeek
The Hobbit Wall Decals donated by @roommatesdecor
The Key to Erebor & The Hobbit World Premiere pin donated by @WHSKR for #SCIFIpawty
Lando Calrissian MIMOBOT® from @mimobot
2:00 pmSat
@MizzBassie Loverly scarf from our own @pasikas
$10 Donation to Chairty in ur name from da sweet @lilyluwhot
Star Wars™ Classic Wall Decals donated by @roommatesdecor
A Bissell Spotbot to clean up anipal or human messes donated by @BlogPaws USA ONLY
3:00 pmSat
@bilbo_the_bunny A SCIFIpawty magnet from @nocrybabydogs fur USA ONLY donated by @SeattleP
$10 donations to shelter in ur name from @smokey8
Beautifula Charm from @GeorgetheDuck’s Typist donated by @smokey8
$10 gift voucher from Nip and Bone donated by @MizzBassie
4:00 pmSat
@maggietkat World’s Best Cat Litter Litter, Scoop & Mat from @bestcatlitter
Alien & UFO dog toy plus 15 buck Petco Gift Card donated to #SCIFIpawty by @petco
Felted Mini Boris Kitty made by @danapixie & a Crafting With Cat Hair Book from @QuirkBooks (mini Boris iz not made from cat hair MOL)
A SCIFIpawty magnet from @nocrybabydogs fur USA ONLY donated by @SeattleP
5:00 pmSat
@bilbo_the_bunny Emergency Meow Button, Unicorn Horn for Kittehs & Spock Dog air fresheners all from @Perpetual_kid
A @coloradocatnip blankie donated by @smokey8
$10 donations to shelter in ur name from @smokey8
A pairs of paper laminated earrings made by @danapixie
6:00 pmSat
@rumblepurr a $10 donations in ur name frum @MizzBassie
Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser & Brick Mug from @ThinkGeek
Star Wars Wicket the Ewok Back Buddy donated by @1upCollectibles
Darth Maul MIMOBOT® donated by to @mimobot
7:00 pmSat
@ShaynaCat a $10 donations in ur name frum @MizzBassie
Baby turtles and their shadows donated to #SCIFIpawty by @CheshireK
Marvel Comcis Dog Toys (Hullk, Wolverine, Captain America) donated by @Fetch4pets
Pink Kritter Kondo from @kritterkondo USA ONLY
8:00 pmSat
@ShaynaCat Bootiful Earrings from @gromekcat’s human
Set of Underdog & Mr Magoo Dog Toys Donated by @FollowMultipet
Set of Three Stooges Dog Toys Donated by @FollowMultipet
Mega Stomp Panic an Audio Reality Experience donated by @ThinkGeek
C-3po X MIMOMICRO® Micro SD card reader donated by @mimobot
9:00 pmSat
@joeybeancat a $10 donations in ur name frum @MizzBassie
STAR COMMANDOS 11 PARIAH: P. M. Griffin: signed fur #SCIFIpawty donated by @cathykeisha USA ONLY
Book: Otis The Poodle by Patricia Maclay donated by @lilyluwhot
Set of Quirk Classics (Set of 4 Books) donated by @QuirkBooks
2 bags of NOMMY Whole Life Pet Chicken treats for cats (or dogs) donated by @WholelifePet
10:00 pmSat
@boriskitty Pile o’ Kitteh Toys from Ourpets Brands
Ensign Fraidy “O Noes!” Tee stop by to win dis pawsum shirt! donated by @orangecatblues
Pile o’ Kitteh Toys from Ourpets Brands
Doctor Who Tardis Towel from @ThinkGeek
11:00 pm to midnite Sat@scifislacker END OF PAWTY / START AFTER PARTY
Dis iz technikally no longer #SCIFIpawty dis be an after pawty & da prizes being given out for dis hour might be of a more mature nature. nite nite!@BorisKitty will be going to bed and leaving the after party up to @SCIFISLACKER please follow that account and make sure they are following you to win any of the prizes listed below. Remember #afterpawty could be a lil norty.#afterpawty iz hosted by ScifiFlacker.com due to da nature of sum of da prizes da listin of items will be posted on der webby site. Cause BorisKitty.com and ScifiPawty.com only a lil norty not dis norty MOL. Please see SCIFISLACKER.COM for a listing of norty-ish pwizes for #AFTERPAWTY
Mar 242012

star trek door chimes


dis doorprize iz open to all SCIFIpawty attendees all day long. Just stop by dis post and leave ur twitter name in da comments to be entered. winner will be picked randomly from all validated pawty attendees on Sunday.

Fanks and good lucks!

Pwize Sponored by ThinkGeek.com.

DA WINNER IZ: @Smokey8

Mar 232012

2012 SCIFIpawty Door Prizes (rough schedule)

11-12pm EDT

12-1pm EDT

1-2pm EDT

2-3pm EDT

3-4pm EDT

4-5pm EDT

5-6pm EDT

6-7pm EDT

7-8pm EDT

8-9pm EDT

9-10pm EDT

10-11pm EDT


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