Mar 272011

We will hab you knw that da judges had a beary hard time decidin da winners dis year, so many wunnerful entries From @ZackRabbit’s Princess Leia to @TobortheCat’s TOBOR moovie poster. Just PAWSUM guys really. So here are da judges final picks fr dis years costume contest (wish we had pwizes to give to each and every one of you)…


First Place Winner: @ParkerSKat as Alien


Second Place Winner: @JBHHippo as Twiki


Third Place Winner: @BusyButtons as Bride of Frankenstein


Honorable Mention: @GromekCat as Cyberman

Gromek u gets a speshul prize fur goin above n beyond fur dis years SCIFIpawty!

While des mite be da winners we hab t tells you everybuddy wuz pawsum. Da costumes were amazing. Fanks u so much fur gettin into the spirit of SCIFIpawty. We hpes u had a great time. WE DID!

Dis years judges were @SCATH and Human1

  6 Responses to “2011 SCIFIpawty Costume Contest Winners”

  1. Outstanding costumes – really added to the fun of #SciFiPawty . Concatulations, efurryone 🙂

  2. Yeah! I can’t believe I was one of the winners. There were such great costumes again this year!

  3. Congratulations to all the winners. Those are some GREAT imaginative costumes. They deserve to win.

  4. Great picks by SCATH & human1!

    There were so many great & original avs I spent half my time looking at everyone’s.

    Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. It was a great pawty. thanks so much for all your hard work.

  5. I agree – that Gromek gets extra points for having actually to wear the costume *shudders* – still having nightmares from Halloween two years ago. This was a pawsome pawty Boris and you sure got the best prizes evah donated!

  6. I am so excited!!! Concatulations Parker, Busy Buttons, & Gromek! I loved seeing everyone’s SciFiPawty costumes! What a great time!

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