Mar 272011

We will hab you knw that da judges had a beary hard time decidin da winners dis year, so many wunnerful entries From @ZackRabbit’s Princess Leia to @TobortheCat’s TOBOR moovie poster. Just PAWSUM guys really. So here are da judges final picks fr dis years costume contest (wish we had pwizes to give to each and every one of you)…


First Place Winner: @ParkerSKat as Alien


Second Place Winner: @JBHHippo as Twiki


Third Place Winner: @BusyButtons as Bride of Frankenstein


Honorable Mention: @GromekCat as Cyberman

Gromek u gets a speshul prize fur goin above n beyond fur dis years SCIFIpawty!

While des mite be da winners we hab t tells you everybuddy wuz pawsum. Da costumes were amazing. Fanks u so much fur gettin into the spirit of SCIFIpawty. We hpes u had a great time. WE DID!

Dis years judges were @SCATH and Human1

Mar 262011

We have some really BIG prizes this year at SCIFIpawty and we wanted to give more people a chance to win them. So all you have to do is head over to each of these sites and answer the quiz question in the comments of contest. But if you want even more chances to win simply donate to our charity and for every $5 you’ll get another entry in the contests. This way more people get a chance at the BIG stuff.

Win an autographed Go-Go’s CD signed by all five band members. This prize really rocks and comes to us directly from Jane Wiedlin of the the GO-GO’s!!! Contest at


Win a set of Lady Robotika autographed by Jane Wiedlin. These comics rock the galaxy (no really the music legend Jane Wiedlin is abducted and taken to strange alien places). Contest at

Lady Robotika

Win a Bissell SpotBot Pet to clean up all your furry friends messes. Contest at

bissell spotbot

Mar 242011

Look at all the great costumes for this year’s SCIFIpawty! Just click on the thumbnail to bigify the pikshurs.

Mar 242011

redshirts sekurity snickWe haz beefed up sekurity fur dis bigger den evah #SCIFIpawty and Captain Snickers iz in charge. All sekurity details and schedules be on da officials pawpawty sekurity pages. Please check wif @snick_the_dog iffen u hab any questions.

Ma pal @ShawneeShep did sew all da red shirts uniforms.

Mar 232011
arktenders #SCIFIpawty
Sekurity Red Shirts  #SCIFIpawty
#SCIFIpawty Quizzy Schedule
#SCIFIpawty DJs gib dem a listen.

Barktenders #SCIFIpawty

Sekurity Red Shirts #SCIFIpawty

#SCIFIpawty Quizzy Schedule

#SCIFIpawty DJs gib dem a listen.

#SCIFIpawty Menu
Mar 082011

Let da costume contest begin.

trailerparkdogsWe had so much fun wif da costume contest last year dat we doing it agin dis year. Remember our winners from last year?  Well you gonna hab to try real hard to beat them.

So get your costumes ready and start posting dem to twitpic, flikr or other photo site den post da linky here in da comments  so we can grab your cute little costumed selves for entry into da costume contest.

We gonna hab a panel of judges so iffen u wanna be a judge please LMK.

Entry deadline during SCIFIpawty is 3/24/11 so I haz time to post dem all and get judges to looks at dem & make der choices. Winners announced during SCIFIpawty.

First Prize: $25 gift certificate to or & Who Rescued Who T-Shirt

Second Prize: Who Rescued Who T-Shirt

Third Prize: Who Rescued Who T-Shirt

Mar 082011

scifi-pawty-2011posterPawPawty will now run in conjunction wif dis years SCIFIpawty for a 24 hour pawty to rock my lil kitteh rescues werld!

MARCH 26 & 27

Times are extended so more anipals can join us (so I gonna needs lots more halp dis year — Hint hint hint to all you folks wot volunteered last year).

Times: 3/26 9am to 3/27 9am EST.

Hashtag #SCIFIpawty #PawPawty (we’ll be watching fur #SCIFIpawty but both won’t hurt MOL)

The Official Invite:

We are going to need LOTS people to barktend, DJ, halp wif menu items, quizzes, contests, sekurity red shirts to keeps dem spammers away.  If you can halp please tweet me @BorisKitty (or leave a comment here or both). Regular pawpawty halpers u know who to contact.

We will be raising fund fur ONE BY ONE CAT RESCUE (you have heard me talk about dem before.) My goal dis year iz $1500, think we can do it? I KNOW WE CAN. Donation page is already up at SCIFIpawty.


Feb 152011

Bissell Spo bot PetSpotBot® Pet

Handsfree spot & stain cleaner

  • Preset cleaning cycles remove both surface & tough set in stains
  • Deep Reach™ Technology releases solution & water deep into the carpet to clean from the bottom up
  • Removes up to 99% of odor causing bacteria when used with Pet Stain & Odor formula and water
Feb 152011

nylabone comfy carrierCozytime® Pet Home & Carrier from Nylabone

Perfect for small dogs (up to 20 lbs.) and cats! Front door is removable, and clear sky dome provides plenty of natural light. Dome top can also be opened.

Folds flat for storage; no tools needed. Comfort grip handle on top, with side handles.

Not approved for airline travel.

One lucky winner will be going to da V-E-T in style and comfort.

Thank you Nylabone!

Jan 292011

Those wonderful monkeys over at sent us a bunch of geektastic prizes for SCIFIpawty.

Star Trek Pizza CutterStar Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter to Boldly cut pizza where no man has cut before!

Space… the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new pizzas, to seek out new toppings and new cheeses, to boldy cut pizza where no man has cut before! Yes, this officially licensed Star Trek collectable is everything you hoped it would be. Laser etched stainless steel blade and solid metal construction make it perfect for battling Romulans in the neutral zone or precision pizza slicing.

You’ll find that even though the prime mission of the Enterprise has now become very pizza centric, the chrome plated metal construction and padded gift box make the Enterprise pizza cutter a true Star Trek collectable. Plus it looks great on your desk even when not being used to cut your favorite cheese and sauce laden foods.

Alien Chestburster PlushAlien Chestburster Plush –  Game’s over, man! Let the fun begin!

The Chestburster Plush is an officially licensed 20th Century Fox 1:1 scale replica of the original nymph-stage Xenomorph. Constructed of smooth velour that matches the color of the original design, the plush measures 48″ in length. Inside, a wire runs from the head to the tail, allowing you to pose the Chestbuster just the way you want it. It can even stand up on its own! Arms, teeth and inner jaws are all finely detailed. You’ll feel like you have an actual film prop.

Companion CubeCompanion Cube Plush – Please take care of it!

Straight from the Vital Apparatus Vent comes the Weighted Companion Cube Plush. It will accompany you through the test chamber and generally be adorable and squishy. We expect you will take care of it while it is in your possession. The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Weighted Companion Cube Plush cannot speak, threaten you, or stab you. (That paranoia you feel is totally normal.) In the event that the Weighted Companion Cube does speak, we urge you to disregard its advice, especially if said advice pertains to the veracity of cake.

The best thing about the Weighted Companion Cube Plush is that you never have to euthanize it. That’s right, friends. Unless you happen to have an Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator in your house, there’s no reason to incinerate your cute lil’ cube friend.

Magic D20 of Destiny – Look out for that gazebo! (think magic 8 Ball)

Close that compendium and banish your rules lawyer to the abyss. The ThinkGeek Magic d20 of Destiny is here to solve all of your RPG disputes. Give it a little shake, then turn it up and peer into the invisible 20 to receive your message.

The infinite wisdom of the Magic d20 of Destiny will be a boon to every dungeon dwelling dragon slayer. Quicker than a ritual and more accurate than the village tarot reader, it’ll surely bring good luck and laughter wherever it goes. Throw one in your Bag of Holding today

Talking TARDIS Cookie JarTalking TARDIS Cookie Jar – The perfect excuse to keep all the cookies

We don’t know about you, but we miss the days when we lived alone. Back then, we could have a jar full of cookies and know exactly how many were left. Simple mathematics. 51 Oreos in a package, minus 2 before work, minus 2 when we got home, minus 2 after dinnner with a glass of cold milk. We knew that package of Oreos would last approximately 8.5 days. But now that we’re saddled with significant others, roommates, and/or geeklings, the math gets complicated. With so many variables, it’s nearly impossible to solve for x (x being the number of cookies currently in the jar, duh). We can usually assume x is equal to or greater than one, because most humans won’t eat the last cookie, but even that constant isn’t so constant around some people.