Mar 232012

Here iz da Door Prize schedule for dis years SCIFIpawty.

Be sure u are following da prize masters u dunt wanna miss any of da pawsum pwizes!

I wanna gib dem all a big FANKS U fur halpin out wif our cause.

All des pwize r donated to halp out One By One Cat Rescue Please Donte :


USA EDT Eastern Daylight Time SEKURITY
11am Sat @MaggieTKat
Noon Sat @MaggieTKat
1:00pm Sat @MaggieTKat
2:00 pm Sat @BorisKitty
3:00 pm Sat @mizzbassie
4:00 pm Sat @mizzbassie
5:00 pm Sat @BorisKitty
6:00 pm Sat @BorisKitty
7:00 pm Sat @BorisKitty
8:00 pm Sat @shaynacat
9:00 pm Sat @tinypearlcat
10:00 pm Sat @BorisKitty
11:00 pm Sat Pawty End



Need utter time zones?




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