Mar 242012

Soft Kitty


dis doorprize iz open to all SCIFIpawty attendees all day long. Just stop by dis post and leave ur twitter name in da comments to be entered. winner will be picked randomly from all validated pawty attendees on Sunday.

Fanks and good lucks!

Pwize Sponored by 1Up Collectibles (dat where human2 buys all her comic books).

DA WINNER IZ…..@NutmegTorby

  31 Responses to “Enter to win Plush Soft Kitteh”

  1. I’m at SciFiPawty! Paw waves!!

  2. That is a CUTE KITTY!!!! MRAOR!!!!

  3. Oh pwease! OH PWEASE! I wants him so much! I is cuddle him an loves him an cleans him an squeeeee!

    Mah twitter is @bellamrow 🙂
    [Do i need do anyfing to be a ‘validated’ attendee?]

  4. Its @IcyPinkLemonade and that kitty is CUTE!

  5. Oh, if I win dis cute plush kitteh, i gib to one of my kitteh furriends..or dey pawrent.


  6. #scifipawty is out of this world FUN

  7. Hez cool. Iz he related toz Edgar? #SciFipawty rocking az uzual

  8. I don’t care if I’m not allowed to bring home anymore stuffies! I’m entering. *sticks out tongue at Mom*

  9. Entry fur @pumpkinpuddy

    still habbin problems wif her MOL

  10. So cute! @morriscat

    #SCIFIpawty is the BEST!

  11. #scifipawty is the best – and this is an awesome kitteh

  12. would LOVE to win this Boris!!!!

    (starts singing) –> “soft kitty, warm kitty….


  13. *sings* Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur. Happy kitty sleepy kitty purr purr purr. Mom LOVES Big Band Theory. Her would like to marry Sheldon BOL so here is my entry!

  14. *kicks website*

    entry fur @katieboocat

  15. yay wot a cute kitty 🙂 plees entah mee fur th contest

  16. That so cute. I’m having fun at #scifipawty

  17. oh oh oh that plushie so cute- he would be comfy in my bed wif me- i could use himz for pillor love petie the cat

  18. Yay 4 #SciFiPawty! It huge success!

  19. i iz @yo_mookie dis my first #SCIFIpawty!
    it be much fund!

  20. I would love to win. Thank you for hosting the fun party.
    My twitter handle is @cstironkat.

  21. entry fur @jinjindoggy

  22. I want to win this @GhrisGroove1 and his Mum, if I may.

  23. CHRISGROOVE1 – aaagh

  24. #scifipawty IS the best. @georgetheduck

  25. Awwwwww…sooo cute kitten!!!!

  26. (jumping up and down) pleeze enter me for da ding dong door chime pwice. Thx you. Purrs
    Signed: @Smokey8

  27. Hi Mr. Boris, it’s me @OdyMaltese. So glad to be at #SciFiPawty for another year!

  28. I would love to win this! @carmapoodale

  29. Dis our first #scifipawty n itz pawsome!

  30. I want!

  31. #scifipawty is huge! just catching up! love the bbt pusskah!

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