Mar 242012

WOW U guys rockin SCIFIpawty agin dis year. Here sum of da pawsum costumes so far (will post more thru out SCIFIpawty n winner will be announced affer da pawty ovah)

Check out da pawsum pwizes:  SCIFIpawty Costume Contest Pwizes

U can still enter: SCIFIpawty Costume Contest Call fur Entries


DA WINNERZ R: @PepperPom, @sanjeethecat @ZackRabbit

 special award goes to @thetweak fur hiz UFO

  3 Responses to “PAWSUM 2012 SCIFIpawty Costumes”

  1. OMC – they all look so pawsome! How will you ever pick a winner? Thanks so much Boris for putting on this pawsome #Scifipawty and helping other anipals! You ROCK! ((HUGS))

  2. Tank you Boris, for putting dis amazing event together. Us anipals really appreciate all your hard work. What’s better den gettin to have fun AND help anipals at da same time?

    *kitty hugs*

  3. They are pawsome, Boris!!! Next time, I’ll be preparing for it!!! 🙂

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