Mar 152012

Ok folks SCIFIpawty will be here before u knows it! Like last year we gonna hab pwizes fur da bestest costumes so gets ur finkin caps on and try to beats last years winners!

How to enters: take a pikshur of urself in a costume (akstual costume or virtual costume (see last years gallery for idears) den upload it to a photo sharing site like,, etc and come back here and post ur entry in da comments below wif ur twitter handle and da link to ur costume pikshur. You can also tweet @BorisKitty wif ur pikshur linky and hashtag #SCIFIpawty and we will add u to da costume contest entries too!

All entries should be received before SCIFIpawty on the 24th.

Contest will be judge by a panel of judges such az Human1 and Edgar daKitty.

Pwizes will be pawsum we promise!

  23 Responses to “SCIFIpawty Costume Contest Call fur Entries”

  1. Let’s get the (#SciFi) party started!!

  2. This is MY COSTUME. It’s the best! I am Warrior Princess @NutmegTorby MRAO!!!!!!

  3. Sorry, forgot twitter name! @theshatcast

  4. Here’s my entry in the costume pawty. Hope you like it.

  5. @cokiethecat Courtesy of @pepismartdog

  6. Costume entry #2. Is that allowed?? MOL. @cokiethecat

  7. i wud lyke too enter th #scifipawty costoom contest plees.. i haf cum dressd as a steampunk engineer 🙂

  8. Hai Boris! Dad did make costooms for me n Peenut, hope we is in time!
    @gromekcat as da 10th Doctor

    @capnpeanutzilla as da 11th Doctor

  9. Here’s my entry~

  10. <a href="; title="This is the entry for scifipawty Chris on Space Trip.

  11. <a href="; title="This is the entry for scifipawty Chris on Space Trip.
    this is our son Chris entry for SCIFIpawty
    we are all on CBS

  12. Here I am as Mommy’s all-time fav sci-fi character, Yoda:

    Pweaze enter me in #SciFiPawty ‘tume contest.

    ThankQ soooo muchies, and Good Luck 2 Efurrybuddy ((HUGS))

  13. Here are Chase and Tipper … Thanks for a great SCIFIPawty …. Hugzzzzzzz!!!

  14. Here is my costume:

  15. My costume is here: Click on the “download” button at top right.

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